100 Sewing & Handicraft Projects for Homeschoolers

Blog, She Wrote: 100 Sewing & Handicraft Projects for Homeschoolers

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Welcome to 100 Sewing & Handicraft Projects for Homeschoolers! You’ll find ideas and resources for doing beginner to intermediate and advanced sewing and craft projects. There are specific projects linked as well as general resources from Blog, She Wrote at the end.

Crochet Projects

Blog, She Wrote: 100 Sewing & Handicraft Projects for Homeschoolers

I keep a lot of ideas for crochet projects on hand for my daughter who loves to crochet. Enjoy a few below.

Knitting Projects

This is a set of project using both traditional needles and loom knitting.

Sewing Skills

These are links to tutorials on how to make your sewing skills better.

Sewing Camp Projects

Blog, She Wrote: 100 Sewing & Handicraft Projects for Homeschoolers

These are projects I chose to save for working with tween and teen girls during our sewing camp times. Feel free to use these just for fun!


Textile Crafts

Blog, She Wrote: Adventures in SewingThis category contains yarn and other fabric crafts which are not necessarily sewing, crocheting, or knitting.

Nature Inspired Handicrafts

We love natural crafts at our house. Items made with natural materials always bring a smile to my face.

Holiday Projects

Whether you are looking for holiday items for Christmas, Easter or anything in between. You’ll find all sorts of manners of projects here.

Resources for Projects from Blog, She Wrote

Blog, She Wrote: The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Sewing in Your HomeschoolThe links below are meant to be helpful sources for getting started in sewing and handicrafts with your students. Give your kids time and materials and see what comes out of it!

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Sewing in Your Homeschool- A page full of all the posts, links, and resources you need to get started with sewing at home. Whether or not you sew! There’s even a section on how to incorporate sewing into your homeschool.

Sewing Adventure Box- An activity box and materials for the sewing enthusiast in your life. You’ll find more project resources here and websites that serve has wonderful idea places.

Adventures with Yarn- A great list with project fun of all the things you can do with yarn. This is especially nice for beginners and does not cost a lot!

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas- I wrote a chapter in this book on getting started with sewing and how to mentor a beginner so they thrive.

sew collage 2

Yarn Fun Pinterest Board- This is one of my most popular boards and I add to it regularly. Many of the ideas for this list came from here.

Owl Pinterest Board- All things owls here. I adore owls and by the numbers of projects out there- so do others!

Historical Fashion Pinterest Board- This is the place where I set aside ideas for my daughter’s fashion history work.

Blog, She Wrote: Gifts for Kids Who Love to SewI hope you will find this post to be a great reference tool in the future. Pin it and come back to the ideas you like! Happy sewing & crafting!

The iHN is hosting a giant 100 Things Link Up. Visit other posts to see what other bloggers are sharing. Also visit 100 Books You Should Read before You Turn 20 & 100 Family Games for Kids of All Ages both here at Blog, She Wrote.

iHN: 100 Things


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The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas: Transitioning from Teacher to Mentor in Your Homeschool

Blog, She Wrote: Transitioning from Teacher to Mentor in Your Homeschool & The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas

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Welcome to the start of The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Blog Tour where we’re going to be stopping in on the authors of The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas. 55 homeschool moms contributed 103 chapters of homeschool awesome. My contributions were a chapter on mentoring, one on geography, and the last on teaching sewing. Read on to find out why I wrote these chapters and a glimpse at their content.

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Blog Tour

Everyday in the month of October, we’ll meet a new author of The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas. You’ll find out why they contributed their chapter or chapters to the book and why they feel passionate about that particular topic.

How it works:

  • Visit each author on the blog tour and participate in the giveaway they may be hosting. You can see the giveaways in red in this post. Tomorrow’s giveaway is listed below at Harrington Harmonies.
  • Enter the giveaway for The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas & iHomeschool Studio Bundle below.
  • Purchase the bundle! Don’t worry. If you win the giveaway, you’ll get your money back. Buy now while you can!
  • October 2 – Stephanie Harrington from Harrington Harmonies. Author of the chapters Everything You Need to Know About Gardening and You CAN Teach Art. Stephanie will be giving away a Teaching Art Basketful of Goodies.
  • Click the calendar to see the other authors on the tour and to see their giveaways.

Big Book Blog Tour CalendarTransitioning from Teacher to Mentor in Your Homeschool

When you are homeschooling young children, much of your time is spent in direct instruction with your students whether it be basic skills in reading, math, or writing. As your children get older, your teaching role begins to transition to more of a mentoring role. This chapter discusses the details involved in being a mentor.

  • Why does your role as a teacher change as your students get older?
  • The benefits of a strong mentoring relationship with your older student
  • How to transition from direct instruction to being a mentor who consults
  • What does mentoring look like for mom in a homeschool?
  • What role does your student take on as they grow and how does that affect your homeschool?
  • Tips on how to be a good mentor to your student.

Taking ownership of their learning is very important for students as they approach high school. This chapter is full of concrete advice on how to foster this growth for you and your student.

Teaching Sewing in Your Homeschool

Regular readers know that our high school freshman is an aspiring fashion & costume designer. She leads the way on her learning and gains new skills all the time. How did we get to this point? If you have a student interested in learning to sew, what is the next step?

  • What if mom doesn’t sew? Many moms today never learned to sew and aren’t sure where to turn if their children want to learn. I offer ideas and resources for families.
  • Finding resources- There are many ways to start and you’ll find ideas and resources which will help you begin.
  • Materials- What are the essentials? What about machines? Other supplies? What do you really need and what can you wait on?
  • Advice on allowing time for students to learn
  • How to go from small projects to longer projects- building sewing endurance
  • The Learning Curve- How to add skills so that eventually your student can design and draft patterns if that is a goal.

Teaching Geography with Geography Quests

Here at Blog, She Wrote, I offer Geography Quests which allow families to explore the world together. They are offered according to season, headlines, and the calendar. You’ll find topics of all kinds. In this chapter, I explain some details and advice regarding the Geography Quest such as:

  • What is a Geography Quest?
  • Why did I choose this format for them?
  • How to engage your students with a Geography Quest
  • How to implement the Geography Quest
  • Benefits of studying Geography with a Geography Quest

Geography Quests are a regular feature on my blog. Find out how to use them with confidence in your homeschool.

Chance to win the Bundle with The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas & the iHomeschool Studio

We are giving away 10 bundles as part of the blog tour! Don’t let the giveaway deter you from purchasing the bundle right away though. If you win a bundle, we’ll get your money back. It’s a win/win!

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Purchase The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas & iHomeschool Studio Bundle

For a limited time you can buy The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas with iHomeschool Studio for $15. That’s less than half price! The sale will run from October 1, 2014- November 10, 2014.

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas contains 103 chapters, 560+ pages, from 55 authors. The digital ebook comes in three formats for Kindle and other mobile devices. The iHomeschool Studio files come in the mp3 format and can be played on any device which plays mp3s.

I love The Big Book and Studio because it’s helpful to moms on a practical level. There is something for every age and stage of homeschooling inside both inspirational and practical. These resources reach out to where you are as a homeschool mom- veteran or beginner.


Studio and Big Book Bundle

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Best Pinterest Boards for Homeschool Sewing & Handicrafts

Blog, She Wrote: Best Pinterest Boards for Homeschool Sewing & HandicraftsWelcome to the Best Pinterest Boards for Homeschool Sewing & Handicrafts! Need some projects to keep you busy the rest of this summer? Looking to start a new skill? Want to learn to play with yarn? Or sew a quilt? Here are 10 of my favorite Pinterest boards for project ideas & tutorials.

Favorite Pinterest Boards for Sewing

Blog, She Wrote: Best Pinterest Boards for Homeschool Sewing & Handicrafts

  • Sewing Camp – A board full of ideas for use in our group sewing times. These could be easier projects or something I know would interest an adolescent or teen girl.
  • Sewing Fun – This is where I pin all the projects that look fun for me or my daughter, but sometimes require more knowledge to finish. If Rebecca is looking for something new to try, she checks here.
  • Sewing Skills - Tutorials on getting better at basic sewing conventions
  • Sewing for Kids – This little board has hand sewing and machine sewing simple projects for children.
  • Create: Sewing – There are some cute projects here!
  • Quilting – I love to dream in quilts and Pinterest is loaded with project ideas for sorts of quilters.
  • Owls- All things owls. Many handicrafts & sewing projects!

Favorite Pinterest Boards for Yarn Crafts

Blog, She Wrote: Best Pinterest Boards for Homeschool Sewing & Handicrafts

  • Yarn Fun - So many yarn projects for crochet & knitting. My daughter loves to browse through and pick out projects.
  • To Knit – all knitting all the time!
  • Craftiness - Lots of ideas on crafts and handwork for kids. Some sewing and some not.
  • Snowmen- This is my bonus board for you today. I love snowmen! You’ll find all kinds of snowman projects from sewing to quilting to wooden and any other materials.

Follow these Pinterest Boards so you can join in the sewing & handicraft fun. Get projects and ideas for your homeschool handwork.

Blog, She Wrote: Top 5 Pinterest Picks for Homeschooling TeensYou might also be interested in My Top 5 Pinterest Picks for Homeschooling Teens! If you are homeschooling high school, be sure to check out this post and take advantage of all the encouragement on those boards too!

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