The Runaway Bunny- Bb Book

Tada! I made a Bb page!

He was pretty pleased with himself and wanted more and more! We started the Kk page too. I’ve had this as long as the rest of The Runaway Bunny stuff, but let’s be real. He’s two. I’ve offered on other occasions and was rebuffed. Today he jumped at the chance so we went with it.

More gluing- these are from the Kumon books for 2 and up on cutting and pasting…he did a whole pile
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The Runaway Bunny

Here he is! Introducing THE RABBIT…created last night by R7 and I, he is ready for pretend play. I-5 reports that the size is just right for good puppetry. J2 loves him. Now to make the others. Up next is a pig and a trip to the store for more felt for me!

This is the pattern for our bunny puppet which I have the materials for but this is as far as I’ve gotten this week. I hope to have it finished- or a couple this weekend. The patterns come from these puppet making books by Valerie Bendt. Hopefully I’ll have an update very soon and I can show off our Runaway Bunny fold and learn (from FIAR) items too.

This is fun! (look at the grip on that pencil…not bad for a 2yo!)

J2 enjoys coloring his bunny in color after I showed him some materials other than pencil (though he is really partial to pencils)

E9 decides to make his own mask. These masks have been around for years now. We sure have gotten some good use out of them. We have all kinds of animals to choose from. A little large size tagboard goes a long way too!

It took a little convincing, but J2 finally agreed to join me in the burrow for some carrots. He requested a whole crate of veggies and his “cut knife” as he calls it.

R7 joins J2 in the bunny burrow. She kindly holds the page from the book open. This is one of J2’s favorite pages.

R7 and J2 enjoy a little bunny bonding!

E9 even made a bunny mask (and a mouse)- not so much to play bunnies, but to act out Redwall scenes. He makes a fine Basil Stag Hare, don’t you think?
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