History Quest: The Anaconda Plan

Blog, She Wrote: History Quest- The Anaconda Plan

Welcome to another edition of History Quest! This week Rebecca has focused on a plan which was the Union’s primary wartime strategy. Today’s History Quest is about The Anaconda Plan.

War Strategy- The Anaconda Plan

This week Rebecca has a series of questions for you. As you research, see if you can determine how the plan got its name.

  • What was the Anaconda Plan?
  • What kind of blockade did the plan call for?
  • What else did the Union need to seal off to execute the plan?
  • Did the plan rely on troops? If so, how many?
  • How would they get the troops to the south?
  • Was the plan successful?

The Purpose of the Anaconda Plan

It’s important to consider why the Union needed to act at the start of the war and how they planned to make things difficult for the south.

  • What is a blockade?
  • What is an anaconda?
  • Why is the plan named for an anaconda?
  • What was the purpose or the mission of the plan?
  • Who developed The Anaconda Plan?

Change in Union Strategy

The plan had supporters and critics. It was also modified along the way.

  • What part of the plan was originally deemed unnecessary but was put in place later?
  • Find out how long they estimated the plan to take.
  • Why do you think things turned out differently?

Thank you for joining us this week for History Quest. I’m looking forward to seeing what Rebecca comes up with next week. Happy Questing!

History Quest: Habeas Corpus & the Civil War

Blog, She Wrote: History Quest- Habeas Corpus & the Civil War

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Welcome to the first History Quest at Blog, She Wrote! As part of our studies using All American History Volume II by Bright Ideas Press, our high schoolers are working on history projects of their choice. Rebecca, our 9th grader, chose to write a History Quest for my blog based on something she is learning in modern American History. She gets to choose what catches her eye whether it’s the focus of her study or not. Each week you’ll find a new History Quest mostly written and prepared by her with some of my own text thrown in to round things out (with maybe less of that as she gets a groove!). We hope you’ll enjoy these brief moments of explorations with us!

A note from Rebecca: I will be writing History Quests once a week for my mom’s blog. The topics will somehow relate to what I’m learning. This week’s History Quest: Habeas Corpus during The Civil War.

What is Habeas Corpus?

  • Habeas Corpus is a Latin term. What is the literal translation?
  • Habeas Corpus is a writ. What is a writ?
  • What is the purpose of this writ?
  • What is a petition?
  • Who can make a Habeas Corpus petition?
  • Who has to give the evidence first?

Habeas Corpus during the Civil War

  • What happened to Habeas Corpus during the Civil War?
  • Who suspended it first?
  • Why did he suspend it?
  • What did it allow the Union Army to do?
  • Why was this important?

Website Resources

Habeas Corpus and Lincoln’s Proclamation were briefly mentioned in her reading for this week and it caught her eye. Rebecca decided to learn more about what it is and why it was changed during war time. Here are a few websites she used to read more about the topic. As you might have guessed, she used her Kindle for research!

  • The ‘Lectric Law Library- A library of law references great for citing legal references such as Habeas Corpus. While the author seems to have a sense of humor, use caution as the funny stuff may be too mature for your audience!
  • The Free Legal Dictionary- Everything you wanted to know about law in the form of the dictionary.
  • About.com Historic US Documents- This link provides information on Lincoln’s Proclamation during the Civil War from the legal powerhouse About.com.

This exploration of the law lends itself quite well to discussion and if your kids are interested, it might be worth researching the topic with regard to current events.

We are studying modern American History this year from The Civil War and reconstruction up to current times. Join us on our weekly History Quests!

Finishing Strong- Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years Week 23

Welcome to Finishing Strong!

Today is all about history, so we’re highlighting some of the best history posts that have been shared with us over the past few weeks. There are plenty of unique ideas to get you thinking as you consider how you’ll be studying this important subject during the coming year.

History can be a boring subject for some students, especially if they think it’s all about memorizing dates. Hopefully you’ll take some of these hands-on ideas and strive to bring history to life in your home school.

Finishing Strong ~ Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years #22

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Next week we’re going to look at some exciting ideas for learning about science. Hopefully you’ll join us!

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