More on the American Revolution

Last week was our final week with Betsy Ross. We focused on the American Revolution and studied people and events leading up to and at the start of the war. We kicked off the week by watching Felicity- An American Girl Movie. It was a great tie in to how families were torn by the war. Once again this unit was a huge hit!

R8 works on her map of Old Boston
It has pop up features- very cool

We talked about Continental vs. British soldiers

The kids had fun playing the Liberty Kids computer game we’ve had for a while. In fact, they are still playing it this week.

You can even download it for free- from here. I hope it works. There a few other fun pieces of software on that site!

Quilting Webquest

A Webquest on Quilting and Geometry- a fun math diversion for our Betsy Ross students

The web quest task is to make a quilt square that has two or three shapes and has symmetry. R8 is so in to symmetry. She recently modified her poster for her 4-H talk to include checking your airplane for symmetry so it will fly well!
They got to play around with shapes and practice some symmetry

E10 planned his out according to the criteria.

I’m not sure how it was translated on to his final square…

R8 planned a border as well.

The final copy which she traced onto her paper. And of course, because blogger loves me, it turned the photo around.

This was a fun little assignment that was a great add-on for our studies. Are you all just crazy excited to do a Betsy Ross unit now or what??

Revolutionary War Webquest

Along with the resources I mentioned in an earlier post, we are using a Revolutionary War Webquest as the framework of our study of the American Revolution. I actually found lots of webquests just by doing a Google search on webquests for the Revolutionary War. I was able to find some really neat sites to help with our research and I chose this one because it seemed to encompass what I wanted my kids to do. Use the link above to see the whole scenario. Below I pulled out a list of the tasks and some details on researching a person’s contribution to the revolution.

The Task

1.Create a timeline of the events that took place during the Revolutionary War.

2.Create an A to Z booklet about different people, places, or things that were part of the war.

3.Research a person’s contribution to the Revolutionary War.Prepare a portrait, mini timeline, written report and persuasive presentation about the person.

4.Complete the four chapter Guided Reading and other worksheets as assigned

I am particularly interested in the requirements for the biographical information.

Biographical research


  • Select a person from the list below




  • Become an expert on your person by researching the person’s background. Your research should focus on the following elements:



·You will need a portrait of your person.

·Dates and events for a mini time line of your person’s life. .

·Your person’s contribution to the Revolutionary War period of American history.

·Skills and education that contributed to your person’s accomplishments.

·Personal qualities your person had that made them famous during Revolutionary War times.

·Other important accomplishments.


  • Create a nomination kit. The nomination kit needs to include:



a.Portrait of your person mounted on an 8 ½ x 11″ paper. The frame area can contain symbols and objects unique to your person. Below the mounted picture should be a nameplate with the full name of person and the person’s birth and death years.

b.Time-line suitable to be mounted under the portrait that will start at person’s birth date and end at their death date. The time line should include important accomplishments and events in your person’s life.

c.One page report (4-5 paragraphs, plus works cited) describing the role your person played in the Revolutionary War.(12 point times new roman font, double spaced)

4.Prepare a 2 to 4 minute persuasive speech about your nominee and why he/she should be included in the Revolutionary War Hall of Fame. The speech should include:

a.birth and death dates.

b.where your person was born.

c.personal qualities, skills and education.

d.contribution to the Revolutionary War period of American history.

We should be finishing up the unit on Betsy Ross by the end of this coming week.


My Brother Sam is Dead

E10 read My Brother Sam is Dead as a part of his Betsy Ross studies. He devoured it in just two days. I found some great book report forms at Ed Helper so he could write about what he read. I really like these forms because they go beyond just reporting the facts. A certain amount of extrapolation of thought is needed to complete these well.

There are all kinds of book report forms at EdHelper. The forms I have shared here are on the free section of the site. If you want to customize any of the forms, you need to buy the membership. I may do that soon just because I’m anxious to see what else I have access to at the basic membership. This site looks good for 4th grade and up. I had him use the form for Historical Fiction to tell me what he knew about the book.

Page 1- I brought them over just in case you are person who doesn’t follow links (I so know some of you don’t bother!) because I don’t want you to miss out.

Page 2- E10 had some insightful answers to these two questions.

Here’s a link to a Biography Form Sample 1- This one is good for reporting on biographies. We are studying some famous people from the time of the American Revolution as well. There’s another post coming on that one!

A Closer Look at Germs

Last week, as part of our study of Betsy Ross, we took a closer look at the germs which can make us sick. It was a fabulous little lesson. I also used this link both found at Sheri’s blog, The Shades of Pink.

We listed ways that bacteria are harmful and ways that they are helpful. This gave us a chance to talk about personal hygeine too- great little health lesson.

They colored pictures of the three most commonly shaped bacteria and we talked about how they are a one celled organism. We use our Usborne Encyclopedia of Science to get some facts on them and what their names are. Usually these books have great internet links managed by Usborne so they are up to date with good links. Sometimes they have video or just a great kid’s page of information.

I have no idea why this picture won’t load correctly…we also talked about viruses and how they are different from bacteria.

The lesson site also has an exercise where you rub nutmeg all over your hands after putting oil on them. Then you try to wash your hands with water only to find out the nutmeg does not come off without soap. Just a little illustration on why you need soap to wash away the bacteria. So clever.