Homeschooling High School by Design

Your guide to planning & implementing a personalized high school for your Out-of-the-Box, creative teen

Does any of this sound familiar?

No matter how much I want to be traditional, it just doesn’t work for my students.
I’ve said it many times!
Our homeschool began to evolve as a result of who our kids are and how it was to meet them where they are as learners.

Do you have doubts about your ability to homeschool high school- especially with your teen whose approach to school is so different?

So many people I talk to want to take the leap from the more rigid forms of what they think high school should like to the creative, exploratory, problem solving approach for their Out-of-the-Box Teens.

They are afraid to take the step, worried they will make a mistake that’s hard to recover from in the high school years.

“How do I help my teen to get better at his interest?”

“How do I allow my teen to follow her interests and still hit the requirements?”

“I don’t know how to help my Out-of-Box Teen to be successful in school let alone the real world.”


What Now?

You want a creative and out of the box experience in high school, but you don’t know how to turn those things into high school credit.


How Can I?

You want to make sure the courses you design are going to prepare your teen for college.


Can It Be Done?

You can’t wrap your head around how to put together a project class that counts for high school credit

What if you could…

Homeschool high school without worry and create the high school experience you want for your unique teen with extraordinary experiences.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Creativity & Freedom in Order to Have a Successful Homeschool High School Experience

Let go of the baggage that makes up your educational past and do something extraordinary with homeschooling high school.

Homeschooling with a focus on critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity prepares our out-of-the-box, differently wired, and gifted teens well for their future whether or not your teen is college bound.

In fact, 93% of employers say these skills are more important than your college major. *


Homeschooling High School by Design

Plan a customized, interest led, and project based high school experience for your teen, so they can enjoy high school and thrive at what makes their heart sing .

Create project based courses – for truly unique classes they can use on an official transcript.

Know what to do when things don’t go according to the plans you and your teen have laid out, so that you can get back on track.

Build a realistic and successful schedule with your high schooler based on both course work and extra curricular responsibilities, so your teen can easily manage their schedule and you can feel confident the right amount of time and effort is happening for high school credits.

Help your high schooler, as a mentor, to be successful through the teen years and share that experience on college applications and resumes.

Imagine having a trusted source to refer to while you are planning the high school years for your out-of-the-box teen.

Woman leaning against a text box with the words I'm on a mission to help you homeschool high school with peace & confidence

Here’s What You Get with the Course:

<a target="_self" aria-label="<strong>Sixteen lesson modules
Sixteen lesson modules– that begin with creating a four year plan, learning how to build project based courses, choosing high school curriculum, scheduling high school work, plus you’ll learn how to work with creative teens and other types of
Printable planning forms– there is a planning form for each lesson requiring planning homework to guide you through the process and help you to complete the task of building your teen’s programming wit them.
Actionable homework items– this is not a passive experience like reading a book. If you follow the teaching in the lessons and work with the planning forms, when you are finished, you’ll have a complete set of high school plans with ideas for resources and custom built project based courses for your teen with the know how to create more.
Private online community– on Facebook to encourage each other and to be challenged as you complete your homework and put your plan together.
Instant, unlimited access– to the self paced course delivered through a learning management system right here on my blog. You’ll be able to see your progress in the course and revisit any lesson any time you want.

Just a Few Course Highlights!

Download printable planners to guide you through the teaching material, so you can build your personalized homeschool high school with your teen as you do each lesson. When you’ve finished the course, you’ll have a plan in place!

Strategies for Earning High School Credit

Learn how to gauge hours for high school credits and learn strategies for building a sustainable high school schedule with your teen. Answer the question how much is too much and what is too little when it comes to time spent on high school work!

Project Based Course Planners

Use the planning forms for each lesson, so you can build customized courses as you go. The project based course planner is a template for you and your teen to create project oriented courses in high school. Use the forms over and over to build as many courses as you need!

Methods & Approaches for Teaching Creative Teens

Learn how to mentor your creative teens through a personalized approach to high school that addresses their need to be creative and do high school differently while still checking all the high school boxes.

This course is for you if:

You have a teen who needs an out-of-the-box approach to high school
You want an engaging self-paced course to walk you through a different approach to planning high school
You’re ready to dig in and figure out how to meet your out-of-the-box teen where they are in the high school years

This course is NOT for you if:

Working with self-paced online courses is not your thing and you’d rather read a book
You know all there is to know about homeschool creative, out of the box teens, and how to help them thrive in a unique homeschool high school environment.
Your internet connection is iffy and you don’t have a few hours a month to plan high school courses with your teen

Take the Self-Paced Course

Here’s what you get:
– Instant Access
– 16 Lesson Modules
– Printable Planning Forms
– Actionable Homework Items
– Self-paced online lesson modules
– Closed Facebook Group Community
– Unlimited Access Forever

What Students Are Saying

Hear from homeschooling moms like you!

photo of Sarah Mackenzie

Who knew homeschooling high school would be so much fun? I love Heather’s approach to planning an academically sound and inspiring high school education for my teens.​

Sarah Mackenzie, Read Aloud Revival

Homeschooling High School by Design not only gives you the information you need to homeschool high school well, it also provides you with the confidence you need to make it happen. I can get organized, but Heather does a great job putting my fears at ease.

Pam Barnhill, Your Morning Basket

I learned more from this course than I did from spending a weekend at a national homeschool convention attending every high school session.

I highly recommend this class for planning your high school years.

Ticia M, Homeschooling Mom of 3

Heather does such a great job of walking you through all of the steps for planning the high school years. I was nervous about high school, but I feel so much better with a good plan laid out in front of us!

– Jennifer Geary, Homeschooling Mom

Heather Woodie at Blog, She Wrote

Meet Heather

I’m on a mission to help families with Out-of-the-Box Teens homeschool high school with peace and confidence.

​Homeschooling four of our own Out-of-the-Box Teens, two of whom graduated and are thriving at their dream ​schools with large scholarships and an Ivy League admission, I want to mentor other families to homeschool differently with purpose and peace.

I went from a public school science educator with a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary Education, to homeschooling four kids in a project based, relaxed environment.

​If I can leave behind convention and homeschool Out-of-the-Box Teens, meeting them where they are, so can you!

Take the Class

Here’s what you get:
– Instant Access
– 16 Lesson Modules
– Printable Planning Forms
– Actionable Homework Items
– Self-paced online lesson modules
– Closed Facebook Group Community
– Unlimited Access Forever

Meet Our Out-of-the-Box Teens

Our oldest is a junior Purdue University with the highest merit scholarship and honors school designation.

He was admitted to the School of Liberal Arts for a degree in Professional Writing and he’s thriving with a minor in Anthropology. He dreams of being a technical writer post college.

He also has a chronic illness which provided a plot twist to his story and continues to give us a lot of experience tapping established protocols for unique students.

Our second oldest, was accepted early admission to Cornell University and she is in her third year working toward a Bachelor of Science in Fiber Science and Apparel Design.

She’s now an honors student doing undergraduate research with a minor in art.

From many years of a project based course of study to an Ivy League design program, her story is an exciting one.

Homeschooling High School by Design FAQs

Click on the question to find out the answer to some of the things students ask the most!

How to I access my course?

Once you’ve purchased the course, simply log in through the menu on my site and look for your course under the picture on the page.

How is the course delivered?

The course is hosted here on my blog and is delivered through an online learning management system. You’ll be able to click in to each lesson, view the downloads, watch the videos, read the lessons, and visit the links all from my blog and you can keep track of progress through the course.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Once you enroll in the course, it’s yours forever without a time limit. Revisit lessons, download more planning forms, and watch the videos again any time.

Do you talk about transcripts in this course?

We talk about the building blocks and the precursor to the final transcript in this course. Official transcripts and a builder to create one are in the next course, called Homeschooling for College by Design.

How much does Homeschooling High School by Design cost?

The course fee is a one time purchase of $97.

What happens if membership is not a good fit for me?

No worries! If you do the lessons and the homework and you still don’t think the course helped you to build any customizations for your homeschool high school, email me and we’ll talk about it! I want you to feel equipped to mentor your teens in the high school years.

Do I need to be on Facebook to take this course?

Participating in the private Facebook group is your choice. You’ll have the option to join in the first few lessons of the course. If online communities aren’t your thing, you’ll have a complete program in the self-paced lessons by themselves.

Still Not Sure If this Course is for You?

Let tell you my daughter Rebecca’s story.

Homeschooling High School by Design- young woman at a dressform draping a skirt

Rebecca started sewing when she was 8.

It’s the only activity she ever wanted to do more than once.

The Surprising Secret to Mentoring Out-of-the-Box Teens- Young girl at a sewing machine sewing lines on paper
Rebecca’s first time at a sewing machine at age 8!

We found ways to explore sewing with her, always pressing into new skills.

As her skills grew, we provided opportunities for her through low and no cost community efforts, websites, and books.

At 10 she began drafting. At 13 she was entering design contests and she started her sewing school.

Her design was featured in a curated collection with known adult designers and design students.

Homeschooling High School by Design- girl with her sewing fashion design

She taught 10 students in 4 sewing classes from age 13-18. The income from her sewing school allowed her to buy new equipment like a serger.

Throughout high school, she took a course we created called Sewing & Design. She had five credits of this course on her transcript when she applied to design school.

She took on the portfolio with research and designs to help children with sensory disorders.

Homeschooling High School by Design- girl in steampunk dress

Rebecca’s experiences and accomplishments were rewarded with one of roughly 25 slots in the Fiber Science & Apparel Design at Cornell University.

In design school, she’s thriving! Rebecca has won art contests, made the dean’s list, designed a head turner for the annual runway show, and secured a research assistant job in the world renowned costume collection.

Homeschooling High School by Design- college fashion design student on the runway with her model and design

Here’s the thing friends, we can homeschool Out-of-the-Box Teens with peace & confidence.

And I want to show you how and to cheer you on along the way!

Enroll Today

And be on your way to personalizing your teen’s high school experience!

Here’s what you get:
– Instant Access
– 16 Lesson Modules
– Printable Planning Forms
– Actionable Homework Items
– Self-paced online lesson modules
– Closed Facebook Group Community
– Unlimited Access Forever

Homeschool the High School Years with Peace & Confidence

You can have both a customized homeschool high school with project based courses


an admission to a competitive university

or any college.

It’s time to homeschool high school with peace & confidence!

* from Creative Know How: Competencies for Student Success in a World of Change

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