Chronic Illness Support- Regular Membership

$15.00 / month and a $185.00 sign-up fee



Join us as a Founding Member of the Homeschooling High School by Design Membership.

What you get:

Enrollment in 3 courses:

  • Homeschooling High School by Design– learn how to plan a custom high school experience for your teen
  • Homeschooling for College by Design– includes a professional transcript builder
  • Dream Big & Take Action: Goal Conquering for Teens– get your teen exploring his interests and learn how to mentor them
  • Membership Library for Members– topics range from grading and grading policy to book lists in high school to benchmarking high school work requirements

Membership Coaching Calls & Community:

  • 3-4 live, small group coaching calls per month– regularly scheduled video calls (two with a larger membership group on the course material and 1-2 just for you as a mom of a chronically ill teens)
  • Monthly teaching – on a topic related to homeschooling high school
  • Quarterly Workshops– on planning or building transcripts
  • Monthly support– for you as a mom working with a teen who has a life altering condition that prevents them from engaging in the typical activity level of other teens
  • Q & A Time– on each live call
  • Private Facebook community– to ask questions and have discussions, a safe place to share your struggles and wins while working with your sick teens
  • Guidance through the high school courses– I’ll take you through the courses and you can get feedback as we go.
  • Walk through an academic cycle– and get your questions answered on when to do what with your teens all year long
  • Help with transcripts– using the professional transcript builder included with the course
  • Help with college applications– and the homeschool mom section of The Common App- ask for help when you get stuck!

The combo price of the courses is $185 with $15 for the first month’s membership. The other two courses are bonus add ons.

Each month after, Founding Membership is $15 a month to stay enrolled in membership.

Helping families to homeschool high school with peace & confidence is why I love my work!

Let me help you starting today!



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