Legends & Lore: A Full Year of U.S. History

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Learn United States History through the stories of people, places, and events- especially the spooky kind!

This is a full year of U.S. History perfect for teens who do not enjoy formal history studies.

It’s a neurodivergent friendly course made of nine month-long modules that span early colonization through early modern history.

The regular cost for this full year U.S. History course is $47. When you purchase the course, look for your welcome email. Make sure to check your junk folder because that’s where you’ll learn about access to the course.

Included with each module:

  • 2-3 Focus Stories– in the form of legends & lore in both fiction and non-fiction
  • Context History Clues– connections to the history associated with the lore
  • Assignment Ideas– many types of assignments from which to choose that are neurodivergent friendly
  • Writing Prompts– that incorporate the history using creative non-fiction and creative writing
  • Resource List– podcasts, documentaries, books, stories and other items that your teen can explore as part of their history studies

The modules will start with the 1600s and move through to the 2000s. Each century will contain two modules except for the last one.

The design of each module provides a lot of flexibility. Try out all the stories or just choose one. Do one or two assignments or try several. Adjust the course to the needs of your teen.

Join us for a fun high school level adventure into the legends & lore of U.S. History!

** Disclaimer: In this course, we’ll use the term “ghost stories” without a lot of meaning. We are in this for the spooky story value as it relates to a time and place in history.

2 reviews for Legends & Lore: A Full Year of U.S. History

  1. Jekka Stockman (verified owner)

    Legends and Lore U.S. History module is a fresh take on exploring the original texts and stories that have persisted throughout the ages to become the imaginative imagery of our ancestors. Heather has a gift for translating history through an exciting lens, building up understanding of true historical happenings though the stories and legends of the past, complimented with hands on activities that require active minds and encourage creative interactions with the historical texts and places. The modules are well laid out and easy to navigate. There is plenty of content to explore set up in Heather’s unique way to encourage learners of all types to be comfortable and find their own way through history. In the words of my teenage son, “Oh, wow! That’s cool. I really like that idea.”

  2. Angela Leary (verified owner)

    Heather Woodie’s “Legends and Lore” is a creative and interesting American History course for high school. So often by the time our students get to high school, American history can feel boring and played out. Heather’s unique approach adds life and encourages curiosity in a subject that can feel redundant, particularly in the early years of American history. I appreciate that this course can stand alone as a full history course and it can be easily be used to supplement an existing curriculum. The modules give a wide variety of easy-to-access resources and also offer a wide variety of assignments for your student. The activities are easily modified, allowing for interest-led investigations and accommodations based on the strengths and challenges of your student. “Legends and Lore” is a great choice for both neuro-typical and neuro-divergent students and is an exceptional value.

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