Microscopic Marvels

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out of the box college prep science

Microscopic Marvels: Explorations in Historical & Modern Microscopy 

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A year long online, self-paced course in microscopy with modules dropping twice a month on the 1st and 15th for a total of over 20 modules releasing 2-3 at a time twice each month.

  • 20+ modules with demonstrations, videos, text, and assignments to help you learn a skill and explore with your microscope
  • Resources and research suggestions for each topic.
  • Details on keeping a scientific journal throughout the course, so that when you are finished you have a record of your explorations. For students who are challenged by writing, we have a whole list of ways to keep a journal that fits their needs
student staining and onion cell on a slide

Why Explore Microscopy with Us?

Explore the world of microscopy using your family’s microscope.

Whether you have a simple light microscope, a compound microscope, or a digital microscope, you can follow along with the labs and explorations.

Learn how to prepare your specimens for observation

We’ll use several techniques for preparing slides and practice them, so that you can make good observations.

Keep a Scientific Journal

And be a part of an ancient practice that all great scientists have used. Keep notes and design your own data collection. There are no worksheets in the college lab science world.

Go beyond the typical microscope lab offerings

You’ll have the chance to study fiber science and other disciplines of science and learn how to read and write scientific papers and prepare a formal lab report all in an out of the box way.

Approach microscopy in an out of the box way.

You’ll have the structure and the flexibility you need to accomplish a college prep science course with microscopes as the star attraction.

Study Modern Microscopy

Go beyond light microscopes and digital microscopes and learn about the world of advanced microscopy used in research today.

a beaker with collecting vials in it along with cell stain and a box of slides and cover slips sitting on a table

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! As long as you follow along with the modules and complete three hours a week of the course, you can count this as a credit of science.

While I do give you the freedom to jump around in the modules, there will be some skill building along the way.

You can use any microscope for the course whether it’s a compound microscope or a digital microscope. What you are able to see may vary from what I can see based on the quality of your microscope.

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