Out of the Box Lesson Plans

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 A month’s worth of high school lesson plans that will help you to understand how to implement accommodations for your neurodivergent high schooler.

Keep reading for all the details on how this eBook will help your teen to be more successful in the high school  years and avoid burn out.



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41 pages of awesome to show you how you can easily fit in accommodations for your teen with ADHD or any other learning difference.

With 30 days of lessons in various high school courses, you’ll be able to see firsthand the way you can include accommodations in your homeschool.

Think of it as 30 days of the examples you need to feel confident in accommodating your teen, guilt free.

You’ll find 30 days of lessons for 8 high school subjects. There is an explanation for my rationale over all and for each subject. You’ll learn what makes a high school credit and how these lessons fulfill that expecation, in a non-standard way. Plus, there are a few surprises!

You’ll need to purchase the PDF file and have something to read it on. If you want to print the eBook, make sure to use your printer. You can leave off the cover for less ink.

You purchase the product and you’ll receive an email with a download which you can print or simply use on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Ready to work with your teen’s brain?

These lesson plans will focus on your student’s strengths with a few tweaks of your own.

What you get

With your purchase

This is a 41 page downloadable eBook to help you visualize how to use the accommodations your ADHD or otherwise neurodivergent teen needs.

  • Instructions on how to use the eBook for your specific homeschool
  • Explanation on how the accommodations are incorporated into the course work
  • Subject by subject introduction to my successful philosophy and the reasons for the choices I made in the lessons.
  • 30 days of lessons for biology, Algebra II, English III, U.S. History, foreign language, visual and fine art, and project time that will show you how to use accommodations for the courses your teen is taking now
  • Plus, a couple of surprises!
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Why purchase the out-of-the-box lesson plans?

See how the accommodations work

in real lesson plans that we have used with our teens. The value is in seeing the accommodations in action.

Change your mindset.

on homeschooling your neurodivergent teens by taking a closer look at how you can adjust the way you deliver instruction and receive feedback.

Learn to implement proper credit hours.

Which helps you and your teen to be less overwhelmed, promotes your teen’s ownership of work, and to avoid burnout.

Incorporate creativity & project time.

Plan a routine that includes large, uninterrupted blocks of time, even in the high school years.

Experiment in a low stakes environment

So your teen can learn how they learn best which is key to success now and in the future.

Create a neurodivergent affirming atmosphere

by recognizing and acknowledging your neurodivergent teen’s learning needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you’ll be given instructions when you purchase on how to download your file.

No, there are 8 classes chosen and explained. You can use the lessons as an example of how to use the accommodations in your own courses.

No. However, you do need to download the 30+ Accommodations freebie that was sent to you. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, just go to the home page and click to sign up.

For those who have learning difference and neurodivergence, yes. For those who do not have a diagnosis, using the accommodations can help you to decide whether it makes sense to pursue a diagnosis. Many of them are just generally helpful to everyone.

On the contrary, they’ll be even more prepared because they will know how they learn best and the accommodations will go with them to college.

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I’m ready to see how accommodations for high school fold into daily lessons with my neurodivergent teen.


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