10 Myths You’re Believing
about Your
Out of the Box Teen

that are Holding Them Back

Got an Out-of-the-Box Teen at your house ​who doesn’t seem to follow a conventional path of education?

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It’s ​time to ​EMBRACE your teen’s life and learning strategies and homeschool high school with peace and confidence.

​They spend lots of time ​honing creative talents, but you think they need to do more school work.

You want to​ UNLOCK YOUR TEEN’S ​POTENTIAL but have no idea where to start.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • 4 S​IMPLE TRUTHS about teaching high school at home so you can stop worrying and homeschool high school with peace and confidence. You’ll be RELIEVED when you read #1!
  • 3 S​TRESS FREE IDEAS that will help you homeschool your Out-of-the-Box Teen in a way they will thrive.
  • 3 E​ASY SRATEGIES to help you embrace your teen’s learning style and passion so they can create the high school experience of their dreams!

What Now?

You want a creative and out of the box experience in high school, but you don’t know how to find the right path to follow.

How Can I?

You want to make sure the courses you design are going to prepare your teen for college.

Can It Be Done?

Your teen has big dreams, but a different approach to life and school and you’re not sure how to make it happen.

What if you could homeschool your out of the box teen with confidence and peace…

THE SECRET to mentoring out-of-the-box teens is to lean into their interests and help them to develop lasting skills and expertise from their authentic experiences.

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​I get asked all the time how we ​do high school at home and create space for our teens to be who they are and make their dreams come true.

High school doesn’t have to look just one way!

This is Rebecca. She’s super artsy and is not a typical overachiever.

​But, she’s been making plans and meeting her goals since before high school​ using our personalized approach to the high school years.

college girl standing against a red wall with scissors

What Students Are Saying

Hear from homeschooling moms like you!

I can really appreciate your 10 Myths free download! How freeing it was to read this evening! I’ve thought in my head many times things like: he’s not motivated, he’s being lazy, etc.! I certainly do not want to be a mom that holds my child back from his creativity!

– Shannon W, Homschool Mom

Heather Woodie at Blog, She Wrote

Meet Heather

I’m on a mission to help families with Out-of-the-Box Teens homeschool high school with peace and confidence.

​Homeschooling four of our own Out-of-the-Box Teens, two of whom graduated and are thriving at their dream ​schools with large scholarships and an Ivy League admission, I want to mentor other families to homeschool differently with purpose and peace.

I went from a public school science educator with a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary Education, to homeschooling four kids in a project based, relaxed environment.

​If I can leave behind convention and homeschool Out-of-the-Box Teens, meeting them where they are, so can you!

Meet Our Out-of-the-Box Teens

We’ve been homeschooling high school out of the box from the beginning.

Meet our homeschool graduates who set goals in high school and are now living big dreams in college!

Our oldest is a junior Purdue University with the highest merit scholarship and honors school designation.

He was admitted to the School of Liberal Arts for a degree in Professional Writing and he’s thriving with a minor in Anthropology. He dreams of being a technical writer post college.

He also has a chronic illness which provided a plot twist to his story and continues to give us a lot of experience tapping established protocols for unique students.

Our second oldest, was accepted early admission to Cornell University and she is in her third year working toward a Bachelor of Science in Fiber Science and Apparel Design.

She’s now an honors student doing undergraduate research with a minor in art.

From many years of a project based course of study to an Ivy League design program, her story is an exciting one.

Still Not Sure If this Guide is Worth It?

Let Me Tell You the Rest of Rebecca’s Story!

Let tell you my daughter Rebecca’s story.

She’s fulfilling big dream that began when she was young.

Homeschooling High School by Design- young woman at a dressform draping a skirt

Rebecca started sewing when she was 8.

It’s the only activity she ever wanted to do more than once.

The Surprising Secret to Mentoring Out-of-the-Box Teens- Young girl at a sewing machine sewing lines on paper
Rebecca’s first time at a sewing machine at age 8!

We found ways to explore sewing with her, always pressing into new skills.

As her skills grew, we provided opportunities for her through low and no cost community efforts, websites, and books.

At 10 she began drafting.

At 11 she started attending university runway shows and decided then she wanted to walk the runway as a designer herself.

At 13 she was entering design contests and she started her sewing school.

Her design was featured in a curated collection with known adult designers and design students.

Homeschooling High School by Design- girl with her sewing fashion design

She taught 10 students in 4 sewing classes from age 13-18. The income from her sewing school allowed her to buy new equipment like a serger.

Throughout high school, she took a course we created called Sewing & Design. She had five credits of this course on her transcript when she applied to design school.

She took on the portfolio with research and designs to help children with sensory disorders.

Homeschooling High School by Design- girl in steampunk dress

Rebecca’s experiences and accomplishments were rewarded with one of roughly 25 slots in the Fiber Science & Apparel Design at Cornell University.

In design school, she’s thriving!

Rebecca has won art contests, made the dean’s list, designed a head turner for the annual runway show, and secured a research assistant job in the world renowned costume collection. Rebecca also worked in the department’s dye garden and was chosen as the designer for an environmental grant project all in her freshman year!

Now she’s designing six pieces for this year’s runway show as well as other designs for curated shows she applied for.

Just look at that confident look below!

It captures perfectly a dream realized as she walked the runaway with her model at the very show she committed to being a part of 9 years earlier.

Homeschooling High School by Design- college fashion design student on the runway with her model and design

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