Blog, She Wrote is an educational blog written and edited by Heather Woodie. This blog accepts compensation to review products and to advertise for products we use in our homeschool. As a long time blogger, I continue to review items I believe are congruent with our homeschool philosophy.

When I come across a product I really enjoy and it has been successful with our children, I’ve chosen to become an affiliate. When you purchase from these sellers through my links, it helps to support the operating costs here at Blog, She Wrote.

As a member of the iHomeschool Network, I am compensated for my time in doing reviews. I choose the review products carefully and you can be certain that I take the review seriously and that an honest opinion is always rendered.

Affiliate Companies

Masterpiece Society Studio

StartWrite– handwriting software which I’ve used to make plain handwriting paper and copywork pages over the years.

Notebooking Pages Free Membership
WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press
Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat
Artist Clubhouse Video Art Lessons Sampler
The Mystery of History

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Disclosure on Posts

Per FCC rules, bloggers are now required to place a full disclosure at the beginning of the review before the first link away from the blog. This explains why the disclosure of compensation and affiliates is front and center on my blog.

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