Homeschool Consulting Service

Do You Need Help Getting Started with Homeschooling?

Maybe you find yourself in one of these scenarios?

  • New to homeschooling and don’t know where to start
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the information
  • Discouraged because you can’t find any help for high school
  • Worry your kids will fall behind if they are homeschooled
  • Frustrated you have to homeschool
  • Aren’t sure you can homeschool your high schooler and still get them into college
  • Wonder how you will manage to homeschool well
  • Trying to figure out the requirements let alone fulfill them
  • Starting the high school years and you want help

Getting started with homeschooling can be an overwhelming prospect, especially when it begins unexpectedly.

Whether you are new to homeschooling or you need to refocus your homeschooling for the high school years, I want to be your guide!

Yes! I’m ready to Purchase a Homeschooling Consulting Package

Buy a one hour consulting session and get clear on your next steps for homeschooling.

Who Can Benefit from Homeschool Consulting?

There are a few reasons you might want a consulting session regardless of how long you’ve been homeschooling.

  • Preparing to or Teaching High School– Taking on high school at home can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.
  • New to Homeschooling– Advice for families just starting out from how to know the law to how to get started no matter your level of experience.
  • Beginning Homeschooling When a Child Has Been in School– Starting to homeschool after a student has spent time in conventional classrooms presents a unique challenge. We started homeschooling when our oldest was half way through first grade.
  • Veteran Homeschoolers Looking to Make a Change– We are an eclectic homeschooling family with a focus on using applied skills in a variety of authentic activities specific to our students. I also develop a lot of courses for our kids based on their interests and style of learning. I can help you do this with your homeschool in mind.
  • Specific Question with the Desire for a Detailed Answer– Responding to email and blog comments can be time consuming and leave you with more questions. Blog posts to address your question may be weeks out in the queue and take time to create. A consulting session can offer families the opportunity to get one on one advice from a seasoned educator and homeschooler.
  • New York Homeschooler– Who may need advice on reporting on the curriculum you’ve chosen within the state guidelines
  • College Application Process– Meet to discuss how to get started, what teens need, and how to navigate the process.

New Homeschooler Consulting Package

teen boy taking samples of creek water

This package is for families who are new to homeschooling.

This session will help you to:

  • Understand your state homeschooling requirements
  • Identify and find solutions for your biggest concerns
  • Learn what type of curriculum might be best for your students
  • Get started in choosing homeschool curriculum
  • Plan out a daily routine for your homeschool
  • Know what to expect from homeschooling your kids and teens
  • Feel more confident about starting your homeschool

I’ll answer your questions and give you guidance on your biggest fears in getting started.

We started homeschooling when our oldest was halfway through first grade and we never looked back.

I can’t wait to share with you what we did to get started and how we thrived along the way!

Purchase a New Homeschooler Consulting Package

Buy a one hour consulting session and get clear on your next steps for homeschooling.

Homeschooling High School Consulting Package

mom and two teen boys smiling

High School is when homeschooling gets real!

We’ve homeschooled high school for over 8 years and our first two graduates are at their dream schools. Our oldest has the biggest scholarship in the largest amount to his program at Purdue University. Our second graduate achieved an admission to Cornell University’s small apparel design program. Both of them are in honors programs and thriving at the university level.

My specialty is helping families mentor their high schoolers in the teens years so they can reach their goals through projected based, creative ways.

This session will help you to:

  • Get clear on high school requirements
  • Understand what a high school credit is
  • Plan a high school program with your teen
  • Learn how to schedule high school for success
  • Identify high school curriculum resources that are a good fit for your student
  • Understand your role as mentor in the high school years
  • Learn about other homeschooling high school resources I offer

Homeschooling high school is the best!

It’s also how I help homeschoolers the most. I offer two self-paced courses in homeschooling high school and a membership for parents homeschooling the high school years.

Let’s talk homeschooling high school!

Buy a Homeschooling High School Consulting Package

Purchase a one hour consulting session and get clear on your next steps for homeschooling high school.

Gifted Learner Homeschool Consulting Package

Some parents have special concerns about homeschooling gifted kids and teens.

Homeschooling our teens through high school helped them to soar in their learning and prepared them for university admission and their work in the college years.

This session will help you to:

  • Find resources for working with your gifted kids and teens
  • Understand how to help your students to be self directed learners
  • Develop project based courses to incorporate your students interests
  • Feel equipped to work with your gifted student
  • Identify difficulties that are common to the gifted population

Purchase a Gifted Homeschooling Consulting Package

Buy a one hour consulting session and get clear on your next steps for homeschooling gifted students.

STEM Focused Homeschool Consulting Package

How to Avoid 7 Common Pitfalls of Homeschooling High School Planning- teen boy and a mom working on robotics

If you are interested in how to provide meaningful Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) instruction in your homeschool, consider signing up for a STEM focused consulting session.

This session will help you to:

  • Understand that STEM can be successful at home
  • Find resources for STEM teaching at home
  • How to know what to invest in for homeschooling STEM
  • Ways to prepare as a parent for homeschooling STEM
  • Learn how to homeschool high school STEM
  • Prepare your high schooler for a STEM career

Purchase a STEM Focused Homeschool Consulting Package

Buy a one hour consulting session and get clear on your next steps for homeschooling a STEM focused homeschool at home.

What to Expect from a Consultation

Once you’ve decided to pursue a consultation, there are a few steps to take along with some information I will need in order to be ready for our meeting.

  • Purchase the Consultation Package– through this link or the button below
  • Contact me via email– at [email protected] and we’ll work out the details for a meeting time and payment
  • Provide me with some information– I will ask you to tell me about your homeschool and what you would like help with.
  • I’ll prepare– by reading the information you’ve given me and putting together some resources and the answers to your questions.
  • We’ll meet– and have a one hour discussion. You can take notes and I will make note of additional questions and suggestions for you.
  • Follow up email– After we meet, I’ll send along a summary of our time together along with any links and suggestions for resources for you.
  • What else? – I’ll also give you the opportunity to clarify or ask more questions. If it’s a quick answer, I’ll send it over. If it is a longer explanation, then we can talk about another consultation session.

The initial package rate includes the preparation time and my follow up in addition to the hour we spend in conversation.

The Consulting Session & Fees

If you want to set up a session, please purchase through the link in the button and email me at [email protected]. We’ll set up an initial one hour consult date and time which will take place via a Zoom web conference.

  • The initial Consulting Package is $75 and includes one hour of personal consultation and the additional preparation time and follow up. Typically, this is all families need.
  • Follow up sessions are available for $50/hour.
  • Work prepared between sessions will be billed at the same rate should you request a sample plan or other work beyond just preparing normally for our consultation session.

Educational Consulting for Curriculum Writers

If you are a curriculum provider, I can provide consulting services both as a homeschool mom and a professional educator. I hold a BS in Biological Sciences and a MS in Curriculum & Instruction Secondary Education.

I taught biology and general science in public school for five years where I secured grants for educational experiences, developed curriculum, and provided staff development for faculty.

As a homeschool mom, I have written much of our curriculum and have been homeschooling for 13 years.

Professionally, my expertise lies in science education. If you need feedback on curriculum development in any subject area, my new focus is on the homeschooling family. I can help you with writing & adapting curriculum for the homeschool market.

Why does a curriculum writer need a consultation?

  • Receive tips on adapting curriculum materials to family sized classes.
  • Consult with a science educator on content for your program.
  • Hear advice on working with the homeschool market.
  • Understand how to work with gifted learners in a home environment
  • Use project based ideas in your curriculum.

Email me at [email protected] for information on curriculum consulting fees.

Purchase a Homeschool Consulting Package for Curriculum Writers

Buy a one hour consulting session and learn how to adapt your curriculum for homeschool families.

What Others Are Saying about Consulting Sessions

Woman leaning against a text box with the words I'm on a mission to help you homeschool high school with peace & confidence

I have had the privilege of speaking to many homeschool moms from around the world. It’s always a pleasure to get to know another homeschool and speak words of encouragement to moms, along with some tailored advice based on my experience and expertise.

After purchasing Homeschooling High School By Design and working through several modules, I decided to do the consult package as well. My 9th grader is a very hands-on, out-of-box learner. I really wanted to get some one-on-one time with Heather, as I always appreciate her guidance. The consult put me at ease. Within a few minutes, we were mapping out classes, discussing his interests, and she gave me so many great ideas on how to create a homeschool high school plan that would fit his needs, our state’s requirements, and calm my nerves. I highly recommend Heather’s consulting practice. She has the experience, great resources, and takes the time to get to know you and your teen. I will definitely be reaching out to her again when my twins approach high school.

Vanessa Wright

Homeschooling Mom in NC

Thank you so much for the consultation yesterday! Thank you for fitting me into your busy schedule and for the tips and guidance!


New homeschooling parent in NY

It was a pleasure to speak with you too, thanks for taking the time to share your experience with  younger moms like me, it’s precious for us.


Homeschool mom of 3, Canada

It was a pleasure talking with you today, your knowledge, ideas and resources gave me a boost.


Homeschooling mom of a high schooler

If you have any questions about a consultation, please email me at [email protected] and I’d be happy to explore how I can help you.


Meet Heather

Heather Woodie at Blog, She Wrote

I’m on a mission to help families with Out-of-the-Box Teens homeschool high school with peace and confidence.

Homeschooling four of our own Out-of-the-Box Teens, two of whom graduated and are thriving at their dream ​schools, with large scholarships and an Ivy League admission, I want to mentor other families to homeschool differently with purpose and peace.

I went from a public school science educator to homeschooling four kids in a project based, relaxed environment.

​If I can leave behind convention and homeschool Out-of-the-Box Teens, meeting them where they are, so can you!

Purchase a Homeschool Consulting Package

Buy a one hour consulting session and get clear on your next steps for creating a thriving homeschool.



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