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High School is when homeschooling gets real.

and sometimes we’re not sure if we’re up to the task.

We wonder if our homeschool high school will be enough for our teens who have big college dreams.

We worry that our out of the box teens are behind and we don’t know how to bring them up to speed or how they will be prepared for their future.

We’re concerned about creating a high school transcript and having our students prepared for college admission.

Happy Notes
But you know what?

It is possible to have an out of the box high school and still get those college admissions.

We’ve had four out of the box, neurodiverse, and sick teens! We stuck with our out of the box methods and graduated three so far. All four are ADHD, three are autistic. We’ve experienced anxiety, depression, and pathological demand avoidance. Two of our kids are successful college graduates, who went to college with a large scholarship and an Ivy League admission. I can help you to navigate your out of the box homeschool and assist you with setting priorities with your teen.


Homeschool Consultations with Heather Woodie

My goal is to help you get clear on your next homeschooling step, so that you can move forward with confidence and be at peace with homeschooling high school. Whether you have concerns about your out of the box teen or you want some guidance for homeschooling the high school years, I can show you the path forward. Let’s schedule some time together!

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Let’s get down to business

Here is what you can expect…



Once you purchase a consultation, you’ll email me to schedule a time to meet. I’ll also ask you to give me information about your homeschool and what your concerns are, so that I can prepare material ahead of our time together.


One Hour Consultation

We will meet over Zoom and you’ll have the option to have our session recorded, so you can reference it later if you’d like. We’ll talk over my initial impressions and you’ll give me more detail. I take the notes so you don’t have to worry about that part.


A Follow up Email

Once our session is complete, I will take my notes and compile them along with the links to the resources and ideas that I’ve suggested. You’ll have the chance to ask any clarifying questions.

I really wanted to get some one-on-one time with Heather, as I always appreciate her guidance. The consult put me at ease. Within a few minutes, we were mapping out classes, discussing his interests, and she gave me so many great ideas on how to create a homeschool high school plan that would fit his needs, our state’s requirements, and calm my nerves.

Vanessa W., Homeschooling mom
Homeschool Consult Package

One hour one on one consultation on Zoom
Preparation time beforehand
Follow up email with links and other information

Second Consultation Only

For returning clients only. One hour one on one consultation on Zoom
Follow up email with links and other information

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