​Homeschooling High School by Design

Let go of the baggage that makes up your educational past and do something extraordinary with homeschooling high school.

​Have you ever had these thoughts about
homeschooling high school?

"We enjoyed interest-led learning for elementary and middle but that won't work for high school, right?"

"My kids have so many interests, but we have to put them aside to make sure the transcript looks good."

"My teen has so much talent and all she wants to do is anything related to it, but she can't. This is high school and it's time to get serious."
Join us for Homeschooling High School by Design at Blog, She Wrote

​A Customized High School for Your Teen

​16 Lesson Modules

​Printable Planning Forms

Tools for Building a Custom High School Experience

​Be Equipped to

  • Construct a customized, interest led, and project based high school experience for your teen.
  • Create project based courses – for truly unique classes.
  • Know what to do when things don’t go according to the plans you and your teen have laid out.
  • Build a realistic and successful schedule with your high schooler based on both course work and extra curricular responsibilities.
  • Help your high schooler, as a mentor, to be successful through the teen years.
  • ​Lesson Topics inside the Homeschooling High School Course

    Lessons included with Homeschooling High School by Design ​

    • ​​​Creating a four year plan
    • Choosing high school curriculum
    • Building your high schooler’s schedule
    • Planning custom designed courses
    • Creating electives for high school
    • Record keeping and transcript worksheets
    • Parent teacher roles in high school
    • Making time for creative pursuits
    • Creating opportunities for homeschooled teens
    • What to do when things get hard
    • Teaching smart and unmotivated students
    • Homeschooling teens with chronic illness
    • Teaching struggling learners
    • Teaching gifted teens
    • Summary

    ​The course ware will help you to navigate ​your lessons.

    ​Custom Planning Forms to Match the Lessons

    Print the forms to help you build the high school framework for your ​teen.​

    • ​Your high schooler’s four year plan
    • Curriculum planning
    • Project based customized courses
    • Schedule building
    • Working transcript
    • Note taking for any lesson

    ​Download them all at once in an eBook or individually as you need them throughout the course.

    About Heather Woodie

    I want to help parents break free from homeschooling high school with only conventional ideas,

    ​​to avoid misinformation, ​

    ​and to restore confidence as you step into homeschooling the teen years.

    Discover how you can build customized, project based, unique courses well suited to your high schooler and eventually present a ​competitive package for college admission.

    The course Homeschooling High School by Design is borne out of both my experience as a professional educator and a homeschool teacher who has successfully navigated two kids into their first choice schools.

    Professional Stats & Expertise

    • BS, Biological Sciences
    • MS, Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary Education
    • Award winning classroom biology teacher in middle and high school- five years in a Maryland school system
    • Secured grants for curriculum writing and water quality monitoring- as a classroom teacher
    • Curriculum writing experience- county and state level, Maryland Public Schools
    • Discovery based science teaching- both in the classroom and at home
    • 1​4 years of homeschooling experience
    • 6 years of homeschooling high school experience
    • 9 years of custom designed homeschool middle and high school courses- including project based, highly unconventional courses at the high school level
    • Navigated successfully two teens and counting through the high school and college admission process
    • 2 seniors admitted to the schools of their choice- with scholarships and honors designation

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    ​Meet Our Homeschool​ Graduates

    Our oldest​ attends Purdue University with the highest merit scholarship and honors school designation.

    ​He was admitted to the School of Liberal Arts for a degree in Professional Writing.

    He also has a chronic illness which provided a plot twist to his story and continues to give us a lot of experience tapping established protocols for unique students.

    Our second oldest, was accepted early admission to Cornell University and she is studying for a Bachelor of Science in Fiber Science and Apparel Design. 

    From many years of a project based course of study to an Ivy League design program, her story is an exciting one.

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    • 16 Lesson Modules
    • Printable Planning Forms
    • ​Actionable Homework Items
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    ​Help Your Student to Thrive

    While I cannot guarantee admission to the school of your teen’s choice,

    I can help you to build a high school program that will allow your student to thrive with the opportunities you provide.

    The second course, Homeschooling for College by Design, will help you to package your teen’s custom high school experience for college admission.

    ​Who Is This Course For?

    Who stands to gain the most from Homeschooling High School by Design?

    • Homeschooling parents who are approaching the high school years for the first time
    • Parents who need more direction in their approach to homeschooling high school
    • Families who want to strike out and put together a highly customized high school education for their students
    • Parents who need to understand what is required in high school
    • Homeschoolers who struggle to get their teens on an appropriate level of work in high school
    • Families who feel overwhelmed homeschooling high school
    • Homeschoolers looking for ways to make high school a better experience for their teen
    • Families who want to continue with a unit study, project oriented high school
    • Parents who know they want something different in their teen’s course work but aren’t sure where to begin
    • Families who have teens with special needs of any sort- chronic illness, learning difficulties, gifted teens
    • Homeschoolers who want to learn more about transitioning from a teacher to a mentor in the lives of their teens’ education
    • Families of teens who need accommodations during the high school years
    • Teens who want to study outside of the box but still want admissions to competitive schools and programs

    ​Optional One-on-One Consultation

    You can choose to purchase a homeschool consultation with Homeschooling High School by Design.

    Doing so at the time of signing on for the course provides a discount on the consultation rate.

    Once you are finished going through all 16 lessons, we’ll set up a consult and I’ll be happy to answer your questions and look at your high schooler’s plans with you.

    Here’s how a consultation works.

    • Contact me– via email at heather@blogshewrote.org and we’ll work out the details for a meeting time and payment
    • Provide me with some information– I will ask you to tell me about your homeschool and what you would like help with.
    • I’ll prepare– by reading the information you’ve given me and putting together some resources and the answers to your questions.
    • We’ll meet– and have a one hour discussion. You can take notes and I will make note of additional questions and suggestions for you.
    • Follow up email– After we meet, I’ll send along a summary of our time together along with any links and suggestions for resources for you.
    • What else? – I’ll also give you the opportunity to clarify or ask more questions. If it’s a quick answer, I’ll send it over. If it is a longer explanation, then we can talk about another consultation session.

    Purchase with Homeschooling for College by Design

    Homeschooling High School by Design teaches you to build the framework of the high school years including how to create customized​, project based courses for your teen.

    The second course, Homeschooling for College by Design focuses on taking your customized high school experience and packaging it for college admission which includes a transcript builder.

    ​Purchase them together at a special rate.

    ​Be ready for the next step in teaching your teen at home.

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    • ​Printable Planning Forms
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    ​One ecourse

    ​Build your custom high school frame work



    • ​16 Lesson Modules
    • ​Printable Planning Forms
    • ​Actionable Homework Items
    • Closed Facebook Group
    • ​Unlimited Access

    ​What Participants are Saying

    Some of these topics are rarely discussed elsewhere but they should be.  Heather has done the homeschooling community a great service by addressing them. What’s more, she not only discusses them but gives both wise advice and personal stories...Even though I have homeschooled high school for over a decade and three of my children have successfully moved on to university and beyond, I was encouraged by Heather’s course and inspired to be even more organized and mindful about the last few years of high school than I was about the first.  

    Annie Kate

    [My daughter and I] have had hours worth of conversation so far about planning her high school years. Some easygoing, and some difficult, but I feel enormously grateful to be going thru this process with your guidance now, to begin her high school years with an adjustable plan in place, that we each feel good about!

    ​Chanda M.

    Heather does such a great job of walking you through all of the steps for planning the high school years. I was nervous about high school, but I feel so much better with a good plan laid out in front of us!

    ​Jen G.

    ​Step into the High School Years with Confidence

    You can have both a customized homeschool high school with project based courses


    an admission to a competitive university

    or any college.

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