Legends & Lore

A Full Year of U.S. History

History for your neurodivergent teen that teaches history through the spooky lore and folk legends of the United States from the 1600s-2000s

Teaching history is frustrating when you teach out of the box teens.

when your brain works differently, it’s hard to:

Keep up with a lot of intense reading, especially from text books and a long list of living books and historical fiction.

Remember lots of details like precise dates and events and why they are important to know today.

Stay engaged with people, places, and events from a long time ago.

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But you know what?

It’s OK to teach history in a way that’s better suited to your out of the box & neurodivernt teen.

Legends & Lore gives you and your teen so many choices and the flexibility to craft your own American History experience. You’ll find curated resources, focus texts, and flexible assignments, so that your teen doesn’t feel overwhelmed with history and neither do you. You’ll get to learn U.S. History from spooky tales and folk legends.


Legends & Lore U.S. History

The neurodivergent friendly U.S. History course taught in nine self-paced modules that focus on the spooky tales and folk legends of the United States of America from the 1600s through the 2000s.

Let’s get down to business

Here’s How Legends & Lore Works…

9 modules

One module per month

Each month you’ll study one half of a century in U.S. History. You’ll study history from the 1600s through the 2000s by studying the early half one month and the late half the next month until you’ve finished them all. Earn a high school credit of U.S. History with Legends & Lore or use it to add some ghost stories and folk legends to your existing curriculum.

Focus texts

2-3 Focus Texts Each Month

Every module includes 2-3 (or more) focus texts to choose from. They might be fiction or non-fiction, books or movies and television. Your teen can choose one more more of the focus texts to interact with and connect to the history.

flexible Assignments

Neurodivergent Friendly Assignments & Research

Your teen will focus on research, exploration, and engaging stories with history. There will be less emphasis on productivity in the course and there will be plenty of assignments to choose from to give you and your teen the flexibility you need.

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Heather has a gift for translating history through an exciting lens.

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9 Modules
One month for each half century from the 1600s-2000s
2-3 focus texts or movies and television shows
history connections & curated resources for research
neurodivergent friendly assignments

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