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In this class, I will teach you how to translate your project-based homeschool into language that university admissions officers will recognize without losing the touch that made it special to begin with. You’ll also have access to The Transcript Builder that will allow you to create a customized professional transcript for your high schooler.

Ready to get clear on all things College admission?

Your guide to preparing your Out-of-the-Box high school for a winning Out-of-the-Box college admission

What you get

With your course

Download printable planners to guide you through the teaching material, so you can build prepare your teen’s personalized homeschool high school for college admission.

When you’ve finished the course, you’ll be ready to high five a completed college application!

  • The Transcript Builder which allows you to create a custom, professional transcript that calculates annual and cumulative GPA
  • Printable and digital planning pages to get you through the process
  • A guide to applying to service academies and high tier schools.
  • An insider’s guide to preparing art and design portfolios for admission to design schools and programs.
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Why Enroll in Homeschooling for College by Design?

The Transcript Builder

The Transcript Builder is an Excel file that allows you to customize your teen’s transcript, calculates annual and cumulative GPA, and allows you to print an official transcript.

All the details on earning credit in high school

You’ll learn how to earn college credit in high school in a few different ways, all of which can give your teen a head start on college credits in high school.

Help for filling out he mom portion of the Common Application

There is plenty of homeschool mom homework on the Common Application and you’ll be ready after taking this course.

Actionable items with each lesson

This course is not a passive experience and once you use the forms to do your homework, it will help you to get ready for your teen’s college application season.

Hints for writing a powerful college essay

We’ll talk about how to write a compelling college essay that will be remembered by the application readers.

Recommendations for apply to competitive universities

You’ll learn strategies for applying successfully to Ivy League, high tier research institutions, and service academies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve purchased the course, simply log in through the menu on my site and look for your course under the picture on the page.

The course is hosted here on my blog and is delivered through an online learning management system. You’ll be able to click in to each lesson, view the downloads, watch the videos, read the lessons, and visit the links all from my blog and you can keep track of progress through the course.

Once you enroll in the course, it’s yours forever without a time limit. Revisit lessons, download more planning forms, and watch the videos again any time.

Yes! In fact, you’ll get The Transcript Builder which allows you to make a custom official transcript with instructions on how to use it.

The regular price for the course is $97.

No! The Facebook group is absolutely optional and does not affect your ability to complete the course at all.

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I’m ready to get clarity on getting my high schooler ready for college admission.

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