Do You Make This Big High School Transcript Mistake?

Do you make this big high school transcript mistake?   Get the free High School Transcript Worksheet to get you started.

​One of the biggest mistakes ​when homeschooling high school is…

waiting too long to begin the transcript record keeping process.

​​Transcripts ​sound scary, but they don’t start like the polished end product.

Before the official transcript, there’s the transcript worksheet!

This free eBook includes a High School Transcript Worksheet- a flexible working document to help you keep track of your high schooler’s credits along the way.

It’s the travel journal and road map for your teen’s high school journey.

It also offers an introductory lesson from the course, Homeschooling High School by Design.

Learn how to record your teen’s travels in this transcript worksheet journal and use it to map your teen’s next steps on the road of homeschooling high school.

The free eBook will introduce you to a lesson on beginning transcript preparation. 

Learn ​best practices on transcript record keeping you want to share when it’s time for next steps.

High School Transcript Worksheet eBook Blog She Wrote

High School Transcript Worksheet

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