The Beginner’s Guide to Preparing a Homeschooler for College

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Welcome! The Beginner’s Guide to Preparing a Homeschooler for College is a collection of posts, resources, and courses here at Blog, She Wrote which focus on homeschooling high school with an eye for college and university as the next step after high school.

Scroll through and click on for resources such as:

  • high school essay writing help
  • reading and reading lists for homeschooling high school
  • connecting with your teens through books
  • navigating collection selection
  • using The Common App- with a free checklist because it’s a multi-step process for homeschoolers
  • applying to colleges and universities
  • homeschool consulting– for advice on all things high school and college admission
  • Homeschooling for College by Design– an eCourse for families to help you with college prep and college admission

Homeschooling for College

Homeschooling High School with a Four Year Plan

Check out How to Be a Rockstar at Homeschooling High School for more early homeschooling high school tips.

Those will get you started on the right foot.

Along with the eCourse, Homeschooling High School by Design.

Skills for the College Bound Homeschooler

  • Writing the Personal Essay– a fact of life when it comes to applying to college. Your student needs to write a good one!
  • A Homeschooler’s Guide to the Persuasive Essay– Writing a persuasive essay with a strong, decisive argument is a skill necessary for your high schooler’s future, even if it’s only for college entrance exams.
  • High School Skills: Analyzing Text– Hands down one of the most important writing skills your teen will learn. Being able to write about what you read and synthesizing new information from several things you read at once, is a critical skill for university life.

Reading for the College Bound Homeschooler

  • How to Engage Your Teen with Books– One of the most effective ways to stay connected with your teen throughout high school and beyond is with books. Enter story worlds together and keep some common ground. This will foster areas of your relationship that will last a life time!
  • 100 Books You Should Read by the Time You Turn 20– a list for teens by teens in answer to the best books of all time by NPR. How many have you read?

The Homeschooling for College Process

A smiling teen girl ready to tackle the college search

This is where things get exciting!

Watching our teens pull together their work and package it for college admission is amazing.

And, a little scary.

Take it one step at a time and let your high schooler lead the way!

Homeschooling for College by Design eCourse

A woman is viewing the eCourse Homeschooling for College by Design on a tablet

Homeschooling for College by Design is an ecourse designed to help families package their unique homeschools for competitive college admission.

Making the most of the opportunities you’ve given to your high schoolers is a top priority.

Learn how to prepare your teen for all things college with lessons on:

  • College Essays
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Ways to Earn College Credit in High School
  • Official Transcript Creation
  • Applying to Competitive Programs- Service Academies and Ivy League Schools
  • Applying to Art & Design Schools- specifics on portfolios
  • Getting Start with & Using The Common App- specific guidelines for each piece required by homeschooling parents
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships

The bonus for this course is the Transcript Builder. Inside Homeschooling for College by Design is an electronic, custom transcript builder which allows you to make, print, or distribute electronically your high schooler’s transcript.

Get a Free Checklist for The Common App for Homeschoolers

The Common App has many pieces specifically for homeschooling parents to fill out.

Check out this mini-lesson from the course, Homeschooling for College by Design and you’ll get the checklist for parents to keep track of each task along the way.

Plus, you’ll receive weekly tips on the topic of preparing your homeschooler for college.

Starting on the road to college admission

is an exciting time for families!

For homeschooling families, the task requires some extra preparation.

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Step into the final years of homeschooling with confidence.

You’ve got this!