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Blog, She Wrote: Sewing & Design Projects

Welcome to a collection of Rebecca’s Sewing & Design Projects. This page is always being added to, so if you don’t see a link to a project, it’s on the way. Check back for more projects. She is a maker. So, the list will get longer as I finish the blog posts!

Historical Costuming Projects

  • Steampunk I– The start of the steampunk dress made for Rebecca’s unit on Jules Verne
  • Steampunk II– The rest of the drafting & design plus the finished project for the steampunk gown
  • Middle Ages– The result of the study of costuming from the middle ages. Rebecca reads the history of fabric and clothing and makes the costumes from as many authentic materials as possible.
  • Civil War Ball Gown– Not historically accurate but fun to make and wear to the ball
  • Civil War Union Uniforms– A glimpse of our Union Officer jackets
  • Civil War Doll Gown– The first project of the new history year for school 2014-2015
  • Make Your Own Egyptian Dress– A short tutorial on making your own ancient Egyptian gown
  • Make a Batik– How to dye fabric with a wax resist and an Ancient Median dress
Blog, She Wrote: Civil War Uniforms

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