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Welcome to the home of the Geography Quest! Here you will find information on what they are and how to join us for Questing.

What is a Geography Quest?

The Geography Quest is an assignment which asks students to search and explore topics related to the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it interacts with the distribution of populations and resources, land use, and industries.

Resources for Geography Quests

You’ll want to have some reference material handy for your students to go Geography Questing. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • WonderMaps– from Bright Ideas Press. These are wonderful software tools which allow you to customize your maps. You never have to worry about copying a book page or finding your CD. These maps are web based so pull them up when you need them and they will always be current! When the world changes, there’s no need to run out for a new map set. Bright Ideas Press releases updates to the maps. That is a win!
  • National Geographic Young Explorers Atlas– Both the US and the World. Easy to read, large, with icons and symbols.
  • Internet Access– Along with a device to access it.
  • Learning Geography with Atlases– A great resource for everything atlas

How Do I Implement a Geography Quest in My Homeschool?

Your children can work together on finding out different pieces of the day’s assignment. Things go more smoothly for multiple ages working together if I help them with some guidelines:

  • Answer the questions together using reference books and websites.
  • Try to avoid just Googling the answer. Use websites such as National Geographic for Kids.
  • Write down the answer.
  • Work together without arguing or hogging. Work as a team.
  • Everyone must have a turn being the “recorder” – so it’s not the same person each day.
  • Everyone will contribute to the answer at dinner time. Make sure you include everyone.
  • Discuss where you can find the answers and give assignments according to age and ability.
Blog, She Wrote: The Geography Quest

Free Geography Printable

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Nearly 40 Free Geography Quests

Since August, 2013 I have published just about 40 Geography Quests. Feel free to follow the link and enjoy a quest together.