How to Start Homeschooling a High Schooler

There are so many reasons to begin homeschooling high school. Maybe your teen wants to be educated differently, maybe the school scene is no longer working, maybe your teen is struggling in one way or another and needs to be out of the school environment. Whatever the reason, getting started can be confusing and down right scary! It doesn’t have to be! How to Start Homeschooling a High Schooler is your guide to beginning the process from making the decision, to informing the school district, to taking those first steps in educating your teen at home. My mission is to help you homeschool high school with peace and confidence. Let’s go!

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Think of this post as your guided tour on the nuts and bolts of pulling a teen out of school and beginning to homeschool. You’ll learn how to find out what to do and how to get it done.

You’ll be all set to start your free range learning at home!

Know Your State Regulations to Start Homeschooling High School

The place to begin, once you’ve decided to homeschool your high schooler, is with your state regulations.

Find out the following:

  • How do you notify your district that you are homeschooling? Most states require a letter to be sent to tell the school district your student will be homeschooled. Find out WHO the letter should be sent to and details on WHAT should be in the notification. Additionally, learn HOW it should be sent (notarized, snail mail, email, etc).
  • What are the required courses and topics for homeschooling high school? some states have more to say than others on this one. So, it depends on where you are.
  • Is there any reporting you must do? Once you begin homeschooling, is there any regular reporting of progress to the district that needs to be done? Many states do not have this requirement. Some (like NY) have quarterly reporting regulations and some go by the school year.

Know Your Goals for Homeschooling High School

The best way to start successfully is to know and claim the reason you will homeschool high school.

It will impact your choices on pretty much everything.

Are your reasons:

  • Academic– either they are ahead or behind?
  • Social– too much stress they are looking to get away from?
  • Short term– only for the rest of the year or one year only?
  • Long term– ready to take the plunge and leave traditional schooling for good?
  • Teen motivated– is your teen after a goal?

Maybe you have another reason for walking this path at this time, but whatever the reason make sure you revisit it because it will help navigate your way.

Plan Homeschooling High School with Your Teen

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If you are planning high school alone, you are already behind. Include your teen.

Your teen needs to be an integral part of the planning process in high school.

If they aren’t ready, then it’s time to begin preparing them!

  • Talk about your teens goals– if you don’t know where to begin, try Dream Big & Take Action: Goal Conquering for Teens course which mentors teens through the process of goal setting, evaluating, and achieving those goals.
  • Give priority to how your teen learns– as homeschool moms, we are students of our students. Help your high schooler by using materials that work with their strengths.
  • Listen to your teen– especially if your teen has strong ideas about his homeschool. If not, encourage your teen to give input.
  • Check in frequently– once things are on the way, make sure to come back around and see how things are going.
  • Make adjustments– if things need tweaking, then don’t be afraid to change. Even small adjustments can make a big difference.

If your teen has never been invited to the planning table to make decisions about her education, you might find they are reluctant to participate.

It’s ok.

Invite them, try to get even a small overture and go with your instinct.

But, keep the invitation open and as they mature, they will have more to say.

It’s also important they learn they can trust you and that you are sincere about having their input.

Once that is established and they understand you mean what you say when you tell them that their opinion on how their homeschool high school works, they will be more willing to participate in the planning process.

Choose Your High School Curriculum

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These are the tools you and your teen will use to reach their goals.

The options are limitless!

  • Books– biographies, literature, and other volumes on a million different topics
  • Textbooks– always a staple, but actually less important than you might think
  • Online websites– so many resources out there on topics your teen will study
  • Homeschool Co-ops– formal and informal. Teens can learn with friends or be part of a larger group that learns together
  • Subscription Sites– there are memberships of every kind on topics of major subject areas
  • Online Courses– free or paid, learning online has never been easier
  • Self-Paced Courses– asynchronous courses that offer material your teen can access at the rate they want to learn
  • Mentors– finding trusted people who can mentor your teen on a skill or area of study is invaluable
  • Internships– are available for high schoolers and don’t be afraid to have your teen ask about doing one even when it’s not advertised
  • Business– encourage your teen to start a business if it makes sense for what they do. Our daughter started a sewing school business which funded the tools she needed to reach her future goals. Our daughter is a design student at an Ivy League school. You can read her story here.
  • Apprenticeship– maybe your teen wants to learn a skill. For example, one teen apprenticed to a beekeeper.

My biggest piece of advice here is to think outside the box.

You have permission to think differently about an approach to the high schoolers. Make the most of this opportunity!

When it comes to knowing how to choose curriculum, consider these criteria to help you and your teen to make the right choice.

Homeschooling High Schoolers

When it’s time to begin homeschooling, keep a few things in mind:

  • Be consistent– whatever you choose in the end, be consistent with it
  • Pay attention to how things are going– observe how it’s going, so when it’s time to evaluate you have some things to talk about
  • Make changes when you need to– don’t be afraid to make changes and switch gears. There’s no reason to wait things out or wait until a better time, etc. Just do it. You and your teen are in charge.

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