STEM Activities for Teens

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S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM Activities for Teens is the home for all the STEM content for middle and high school here at Blog, She Wrote.

These activities all represent concepts taught at a high school level and most have extension activities to challenge your students.

Below you can subscribe and get a set of 12 STEM activity/task cards for high schoolers (and middle school too).

Science STEM Activities for Teens

The science in STEM is a big category and includes all the science disciplines like:

  • biology
  • chemistry
  • earth science
  • physics
  • environmental science

The list of links below is long. I hope you’ll find labs and lessons useful for your homeschool.

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a middle school by looking at a microscope
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Technology STEM Activities for Teens

6 Reasons to Invest Big in STEM for Your Homeschool

Technology is a big part of our homeschool. These posts give ideas for resources. I’ll also be sharing tech based projects here.

Engineering STEM Activities for Teens

gears on a wood with a book about gears

Engineering involves problem solving, design, and building. The posts below all emphasize the engineering portion of STEM.

Each activity demonstrates a higher level concept and some include calculations and applications that further develop a concept at the high school level.

Math STEM Activities for Teens

teen boy smiling at a laptop

For a full run down of the math content, check out my Homeschool Math page. Below are some highlights of popular posts.

12 Free STEM Task Cards for Teens

Need a STEM pick me up?

Subscribers get a set of 12 STEM Task Cards related to all the areas of STEM. Each task card contains a prompt along with suggested materials for each task.

The 12 task are activities appropriate for high school or middle school and match concepts in chemistry, physics, earth science, biology, math, and engineering.

You’ll receive the set of 12 task cards and support for homeschooling high school math and science.

STEM Task Card Teacher Guide

STEM Activity Guide for Teachers- picture of the guide with the task cards

If you need some guidance on how to use the 12 STEM Activity Cards, I’ve written an eBook teacher guide.

Inside the teacher guide, you’ll find:

  • Full Lesson plan– for each task or activity, so you know how each activity or task works and how to implement the tasks with your students
  • Explanations of the concepts– being introduced or reviewed in each task or activity, so you be able to teach the lesson with confidence
  • Solutions for problems– given in the tasks, so you can check progress
  • Resource sheets– for the activities so you don’t have to find them yourself