10 Days of Getting Started: The “Icing” Supplies!

I thought I’d just keep on going through the weekend with the blog hop since I have some extra topics. Yesterday I mentioned some basic supplies I like to have on hand. You can do an awful lot with just a few reference books. However, I’m betting you all would like to know the sorts of supplies to have if you a budget for some “icing” items.

Here’s a list of things to have once you’ve gotten all the basic supplies covered. I have a lot of resources at this point, but I’ve been homeschooling for six years and I have four children so the collection has grown over that time. We didn’t get everything at once. Next week I plan to talk about keeping things simple when you are starting out. Part of doing things simply is not overwhelming yourself with supplies and resources for your school. Take it slow!

The icing on the cake:

  • Math games- Equate, Right Start games like Corners, etc (I’ll mention more in my post on math)
  • Prismacolor pencils
  • oil pastels
  • audio CDs
  • chalk board/white board
  • microscope- I prefer a digital microscope. We have the Intel QX3 which you can still find used. The digital scope is more home use friendly and is more versatile. Traditional light microscope skills are not so intense that your student couldn’t catch up when he is older. The main difference between the two being no ocular lens on a digi scope (the lens that you put your eye up to when you look into a light microscope).
  • digital camera- there’s lots of fun things you and the kids can do with an inexpensive camera the kids can use. Our kids like making stop motion videos for one.
  • laminator- I have a xyron 900 which is very versatile though the cartridges are expensive and we have a Scotch laminator which uses less expensive pouches. I like them both. The Xyron is nice because you can laminate with adhesive backing with our without the laminate front, magnet backing, etc. I don’t use one all the time, but if there is something you want to keep on using like reference sheets or games pieces it’s really convenient.
  • Printer/Copier- I couldn’t homeschool easily without my printer. Mine is a Canon MX700 and it’s a dream. Research one that isn’t so expensive to refill. I always have lots of paper on hand.
  • Art Center- I like to have a place where my kids can just grab supplies so they can be creative without permission. We have a caddy that holds coloring tools, paper, stencils, scissors, glue, etc. I also have a place for construction paper.
  • Watercolors and watercolor paper- one of our favorites! I like the Prang tray watercolors along with tube watercolors. Crayolas are too weak on this product I think. Too pale compared to the vibrant colors in these other brands. Watercolor paper is a must! It makes such a difference in the product and it holds the wet medium so much better.
  • Watercolor pencils- really fun tool to turn a drawing into a watercolor. We use these on the go for our nature study activities. Here’s a picture of my kids on a hike doing their drawings if you keep scrolling you’ll see how they turned out after we added water while at the playground during baseball one night!
  • Butcher Paper and a dispenser if you can get it- this paper is wonderful for lots of projects and will last you forever. I like the 50lb weight because it can handle both wet and dry media.

I’m about out of blogging time this morning, but I will leave you with a few of my favorite places to shop for homeschooling supplies.

Rainbow Resource– have just about anything you’d need and the shipping is extremely fair. Anything above $150 is free shipping.

Discount School Supply– basic art supplies and preschool items I buy here.

Home Science Tools– have the science equipment and kits I like though this is not always first on my list to purchase from I do order from here.

Finally, one of my hall of fame posts is craft supplies to have on hand, so I’ll share that link too. It’ll be more specific about some things and some of it will be a repeat. I think that post was done when my kids were all younger.

Thanks for reading this extra Saturday post. If you have any questions about the supplies or need another link, feel free to ask!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I am about 2 months into homeschooling my 9YO and 6YO girls. I have appreciated all your starting out blogs. There's so much information out there, it can be overwhelming. Your posts help me see I do have a solid start and give some direction for the next step or two. Just what I needed right now.

  2. Thank you for your "extra" post! 🙂 I've been homeschooling for 13 years now, but still have appreciated your "starting out" posts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my laminator as well. And my computer printer is a scanner as well–couldn't live without it! Don't copy off as many pages as you do in a classroom setting, but there are STILL times a homeschooler needs to make copies of pages out of books!

  3. We homeschooled for a few weeks without a printer/copier. UGH! It was making me CRAZY! I was trying so hard to be patient, wait on God to provide. And He did, of course, but boy was it tough to HS without one. I would add it to the necessities page.And the irony. We finally get to the microscope study in our science curriculum when our microscope was left behind.

  4. I just read through your last few 10 days post & I have to say thank you. I really like the resource link you posted. Although, I still have over a year before I will begin homeschooling it has thinking about getting started has seemed a little overwhelming. And since I do have a little while I can start building up our school supplies now. Thanks for sharing all your insight on homeschooling.

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