10 Days of Pouring into Your Child’s Passion: Overview

Have you ever really thought about what makes your child’s heart sing? I bet if you thought about it, you could name the thing that would do it. For each of your kids. Isn’t it delightful when you can capture it easily enough and share it with your child? 
One of the things I think is important as a parent is to engage our children often enough that we really know what they are passionate about. How do you know? How do you find out? Does it require expensive lessons and lots of venues for trying out lots of things? No, I don’t really think so. I think the resource it requires the most of is our time as parents. When we invest time in our children, it’s easy to figure out what brings them joy. 
My contribution to the 10 Days series this spring is how to Pour into Your Child’s Passion. This is a topic near and dear to my heart here at Blog, She Wrote and I hope as I share you will find inspiration for your homeschool.

Some of the topics I will address over the next 10 Days are:

  • Identifying the Passion
  • Outsourcing and Cost
  • Pouring into the Passion at Home
  • Leaving Behind Convention
  • Using Adventure Boxes to Fuel the Passion
  • Who Can Help?
  • Look for Opportunities
  • Pouring into the Passion within your Homeschool
  • Owning the Passion

Although, this topic may sound similar to capitalizing on curiosity in a delight directed schooling sort of way, my focus will be on pouring into a passion at a time and in such a way as to carry our children long into their teen years and to help them to center in on a vocation and/or long term interest. 

I will address ways to ignite the passion and help to sustain it as part of the homeschooling for your children. My desire is to stir your imagination so you can begin to think of ways to encourage your children and to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and experience to pursue their passion.

I hope you’ll return tomorrow for a daily dose of Pouring into Your Child’s Passion!


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You’ll be blessed with tips on how to handle bad days, cultivating curiosity, teaching with Legos, and much much more!


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  1. Looking forward to this series, especially about following your passions. I have a daughter that draws hours upon hours. This will be a good series for us.BlessingsDiane

  2. Thank you ladies. I'm pretty excited to share this topic with everyone. Mary it is one that I feel strongly about and try hard at around here! It's definitely one of the highlights of our homeschool.Heather

  3. I have a son who is very passionate about skateboarding. I try to pour into it as we are able….can't wait to read what you have to say on this general topic.

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