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As you might know, I’m all about homeschooling high school. But, every high schooler was once a middle schooler and I spent many years teaching middle school general and life science to sixth and seventh graders. I *heart* middle school! Easy Hands On Middle School Science with Bookshark is all about a hands on curriculum that includes the best labs general science has to offer.

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Disclaimer: I was given a set of Bookshark Science F and was compensated for my time in writing this review. All opinions are my own and I was not required to give a positive review.

Middle School is the sweet spot between the elementary years and the high school years. So much is happening between 10-13 years old and middle schoolers have all the energy combined with some skill and the best part is that they lack the jadedness that sometimes comes with high schoolers (not mine, of course!).

It’s also a time to add more layers of knowledge in academic subjects, refining the foundation before it’s put to the test in high school.

When it comes to science, hitting all the disciplines before becoming an expert in any one area, is the hallmark of middle school science.

Bookshark Science F is a program designed for middle schoolers that combines many areas of science into one, easy to implement, hands on program.

Let’s talk details!

What Comes with Easy Middle School Science from Bookshark Science F?

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Before we get to all the reasons you will love Bookshark Science F middle school science, let’s see what comes in the box.

  • A Box of Science Materials– nearly all of the materials you need for the hands on labs are included with the package.
  • Teacher Packet– with the schedule and preparation information
  • Student Lab Book– with picture directions and spaces to write
  • Paper Packet– with cardstock lab sheets and pattern pieces
  • How to Be Good at Science– which is the text used for the lessons
  • Biography– of Rachel Carson
  • Book on Water– with fantastic color photograph pictures

We’ll talk more about how these resources come together to provide a comprehensive science program for your middle schooler.

Benefits of Using Bookshark Level F Science

Bookshark Science F is a homeschooling family friendly science curriculum. It’s easy to implement and it’s a thorough general science for middle school.

Here’s why:

  • It’s nearly open and go- there’s not a lot of onboarding to this program which is a huge plus.
  • There are easy to follow directions for moms and tweens
  • It combines many areas of science into one course which makes it a perfect survey for this age group
  • The lay out for moms is easy! You’ll be able to see what you need next when you are working in a grid for the current week.
  • It includes a big box of materials so you are only gathering a few household items- and you’ll know what those are ahead of time
  • The student book is visually pleasing and well laid out for following directions and doing the lab reports.
  • The experiment procedures include pictures and words so all students can follow along.
  • The student lab book is neurodivergent friendly, so everything is clearly laid out providing accommodations for middle schoolers who need modifications.
  • It includes classic labs for four disciplines of science- human body, ecology, physics, and chemistry, among others.
  • The program is literature based and comes with 4 titles to use with the experiments
  • Bookshark is faith neutral
  • The curriculum is designed around a four day schedule
  • It meets the new Next Generation Science Standards (not Common Core)

As a public science educator, there’s nothing that puts me off about this program.

It’s easy to dive right in and it provides everything you need.

That’s a big science win for busy families!

Watch the video to hear more about what I love about Bookshark Science F.

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Bookshark Giveaway

Bookshark is generously giving away one program in levels A-F along with the virtual experience to go with it (more on that in another post but you can take this course through Canvas which is a college kid way of doing courses!)

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

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