May Nature Journal Calendar

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Welcome to the new nature journal calendar! Enjoy the month of May and print your May Nature Journal Calendar to help you record what’s going on in your own backyard and beyond.

How to Use the Nature Journal Calendar

There’s no right or wrong way to use the nature journal calendar. Here are a few tips:

  • Download your printable calendar.
  • Print the calendar.
  • Use the prompts both on the calendar and below to explore some elements of nature in May.
  • Draw or write your observations in the blank calendar squares. That’s why there are so many blank spaces- so you don’t feel pressured to do a million things and so that you have room to doodle it up right on the calendar.
  • Put them together in a notebook or handmade book and wait for next month and a new calendar.
  • Have fun!

May Nature Connections

Here in NY, we are working seeing spring time come alive. Still! The trees are just now beginning to leaf out here and it’s the second week of May. But, here are some ideas for May:

  • Woods Walk– Keep checking the blooming wildflowers. Pick a location to observe weekly and note the changes.
  • Baby Animals– Look for fawns, newly hatched birds, and bunnies.
  • Nesting– Where do animals nest and bed down in the spring? Do you have birds nests in your yard?
  • Insect Collecting– Have you ever collected insects? You can collect live insects (be safe!) or pin them in a collection.
  • Parts of a Flower– Observe and learn the parts of a flower with a hands on look at a spring flower.
  • Prepare Spring Planting– Maybe your garden is in full swing or you are just getting started. Either way, enjoy planting this May.

No need to feel limited by our ideas! If you see something you want to note, then go ahead and put it on your calendar. We weeded and prepared our Square Foot Garden once, but safe planting isn’t until Memorial Day. Guess what we need to do again before planting later this month? What is May like where you live?

May Nature Journal Calendar

Books for Nature Study in May

We love to share our most loved nature books with you. This month we’re sharing:

May Nature Journal Calendar

May Literature Connections

It’s time for a list of fun books to read while you enjoy spring. The book list includes titles for preschool through high school. Read them outside for extra fun!

  • Lost in the Woods– A photographic tale about a new fawn in the woods
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit– Who doesn’t love this sweet story about a naughty rabbit who gets into Mr. McGregor’s garden?
  • Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature– A biography of the naturalist, artist, and author of many children’s tales about animals.
  • Redwall– The first in a series of books of epic tales involving woodland animals. All but one of our kids adores the world of Redwall!
  • All Creatures Great & Small– The first in a trio of books by James Harriet, a veterinarian at the turn of the century.
  • Jane Eyre– In the mood for some Charlotte Bronte? This gothic novel is a first of its kind and is a nice introduction to the classics.

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