Geography Quest Volcano Edition

Geography Quest Volcano Edition- looking down into a volcano dome to the lava

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Volcanoes are exciting!

We can approach the topic from an earth science perspective or a geography perspective.

Today, our Geography Quest will take us on an exploration of volcanoes around the world.

Welcome to Geography Quest Volcano Edition.

Explore the Volcano Monitoring Systems

Map Active Volcanoes

middle schooler working on mapping active volcanoes

Or you can choose another criteria for mapping volcanoes like

famous volcanoes,

dormant volcanoes,

largest eruptions,


Use a map of the world and label the map as follows:

  • Label the oceans- to get a frame of reference. I chose to print a world map with a Pacific Ocean center.
  • Place a colored dot on ten active volcanoes.
  • Label the country the volcanoes are in
  • Circle the volcano closet to your home
  • Put a square around the volcano furthest away
  • Discuss if you see a trend on where volcanoes are clustered the most.

Volcanoes in the News

black and white photo of Mt. St. Helen's in May of 1980
USGS photo of Mount St. Helen’s in May of 1980

You can find active volcanoes almost any time you look.

Try searching on active volcanoes with the date

and see what turns up.

I was able to learn about a volcano near Tokyo which is spewing ash.

Below are some articles about volcanoes

and a site to learn about recent activity.

What else would you like to know about volcanoes?

Make a list of your questions and

start your own adventure!

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