Homeschool Microscope Lessons

middle school boy placing a slide under a microscope

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If you are teaching life science and biology to middle and high schoolers, you’ll be using a microscope. And everyone wants to know How to Make Amazing Observations with a Microscope!

That’s what it’s all about.

Am I right?

You want to see new and amazing things

and you want to see them well.

These lessons will help you and your students learn how to use a microscope properly

and how to prepare specimens on a slide for observation.

How to Observe Objects under a Microscope

teen boy smiling behind a microscope

Getting started with your microscope can be intimidating-

especially if your only experience was in middle or high school

and it’s been a while.

These next posts will get you started with microscope success!

Observing Pond Life under a Microscope

picture of a pond in the fall

Observing pond water is a microscope classic.

But, how do you get a good sample?

And, once you have the sample, how do you prepare it for the microscope?

These next posts will help!

Observing Objects under a Microscope

How to Capture & Observe Snowflakes 12-1 Students preparing snowflakes in a garage for viewing under the microscope along with a microscope image of a snowflake

These posts are lessons devoted to various items you can observe under the microscope.

Look for this list to expand as we bring more ideas to life for you!

Resources for Using a Microscope

a box of slides and cover slips, methylene blue, and a beaker of collection vials
The right supplies go a long way to a great microscope experience.

The list below contains some of our favorite microscope supplies.

Individual lessons will tell you what you need for a specific lab exercise.

But, below you will find some basics you need before getting started.

  • LED Light Microscope– this is the one we use and it has some excellent capabilities
  • Microscope Camera– honestly, it’s so much fun I can’t imagine not having one to take still photos and videos of our observations.
  • Digital Microscope– a nice model for entry level microscope lessons
  • Microscope Life Kit– this comes with all the slide prep items, slides, stains, and even microscopic life. This one kit will satisfy all your microscope observation needs!

Free Microscope Observations Lab Printable

The Best Microscopes for Your Homeschool

We have three microscopes from Home Science Tools.

I adore them.

We have the compound light microscope,

the stereo dissecting microscope,

a digital camera for those two microscopes,

and a digital microscope.

Self-Paced Microscopy Course for High Schoolers

Microscopic Marvels Online Course

An affordable, year long course devoted to the study of microscopy through hands on observation, research, and scientific journaling. Just $67 for a high school, college prep microscope course that is friendly to out of the box and neurodivergent teens.