Learning with LEGO® Mindstorms

Learning with LEGO® Mindstorms

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LEGO® Mindstorms are a fantastic way to bring some engineering and technology into your homeschool. The kits can be purchased from places like Amazon or LEGO® Education and provide a lot of open ended learning for curious kids.

Posts Featuring LEGO® Mindstorms

We use Mindstorms frequently in our homeschool and I try to write about what we do. I’m back logged with ideas and not enough time to write, so visit this page often to see updates.

LEGO Mindstorms Home Kit vs Education Kit

Benefits of Using LEGO® Mindstorms in Your Homeschool– What’s all the fuss about? Is it worth the cost of the kit? We say yes! See what you think.

LEGO® Mindstorms Home Kit vs Education Kit– Which kit should you buy? LEGO® Education sells a kit that is different from the consumer kit you find in LEGO® stores and on Amazon. Learn the differences and which one we recommend.

Resources for Teaching with LEGO Mindstorms

Resources for Teaching with LEGO® Mindstorms– We use a variety of sources for teaching Mindstorms. Dan has been working with the robot kits a long time coaching FIRST LEGO® League.

Resources for Putting the Technology in STEM– A list of the many resources we use with our Mindstorms and beyond to bring technology to our kids.

How to Make a Marble Speed Trap with LEGO Mindstorms

How to Make a Marble Speed Trap with LEGO® Mindstorms– This is a specific activity which uses the Mindstorms to measure the timing of a marble going by on a track. Build the robot and learn how to calculate the velocity.

FIRST LEGO® League: Science, Technology, & Teamwork– Our family is well invested in FLL and its junior counterpart. Learn more about these teams, challenges, and teamwork.

How to Build a Simple Mindstorms EV3 Robot– a visual tutorial on building an EV3 robot with a program provided so you can make it move.

a teen boy enjoying a LEGO robot kit

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