How to Build a Simple EV3 Robot

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Any time is a good time for a Mindstorms EV3 Robot build and Learning with LEGO Mindstorms. Engaging in robotics is a great way to incorporate several areas of STEM learning.

Mindstorms EV3 involves




computer programming,

and problem solving.

I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.

– Albert Einstein

How to Build a Simple Mindstorms EV3 Robot includes build directions and a program.

Let’s get started!

Purpose of Building an EV3 Robot

In this lesson we’ll:

  • Build a robot using LEGO Technic pieces and the EV3 brick computer
  • Download a program to make the robot drive.
  • Experiment making your own programs using the EV3 software.

In future activities, we’ll add on some more learning with LEGO programming, robot characterizing, and we’ll talk more about what makes a good Mindstorms robot.

In order for your robot to perform heavy lifting type task, you need to have a sturdy frame.

This robot was designed and built by our 16yo and the program was written by our 13yo.

Materials Needed for Building an EV3 Robot

Gather the following items from your Mindstorms kit and get ready for a fun build!

  • LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Kit– we’re using the home kit version in our build.
  • EV3 Software– free download from the LEGO website
  • Technic Parts– if you want to add your own elements you certainly can and you can add parts not found in the kit. This robot was built with just the home kit pieces.

EV3 Robot Build Instructions

We’ve designed the building instructions to work like a LEGO instruction booklet with pictures only.

See if you can follow along!

Programming Your Mindstorms EV3 Robot

EV3 programming blocks

The LEGO programming language is drag and drop style.

There are two programs in the download. One drives the robot forward and backward. The other drives the robot in a circle.

Download the program and then use it to create the same program with your own LEGO EV3 software.

This lesson includes a couple of simple programs, so you can get your robot moving.

We’ll talk more about creating programs in another lesson, but feel free to try and change these programs and try your own.

Explore more robot programming by trial and error and see how the robot behaves.

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boy using a LEGO EV3 to make a speed trap

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