Get Rid of Math Anxiety Once and for All

Disclosure: I received a complementary family membership to CTC Math and I was compensated for my time in writing this post. A positive review was not required and all opinions are my own.


and Anxiety.

They go together pretty well.

Where you find one,

you might find the other.

As a homeschooling parent,

my radar is on for when my students experience frustration

with their learning

and I’m always on the lookout for

tools that will help along the way.

Do You Experience Math Anxiety?

Math anxiety comes in a lot of forms.

It could stem from:

  • lack of confidence
  • lack of endurance
  • lack of perseverance.

The math skills may be there

and they may be emerging.

Sometimes achievement suffers.

And guess what!

Parents can experience math anxiety as homeschool teachers

just as much as students can.

I want to talk about ways to build math confidence,

but today’s post is all about one tool that we like to use.

CTC Math Help from a Student Perspective

We have used CTC as math practice in the past. But, this year we’ve been using it to come alongside Life of Fred.

Life of Fred requires confidence and the willingness to be a bold problem solver.

It’s one of the things I love the most about the program.

But, not everyone approaches math in the same bold way.

Sometimes, we need another perspective.

CTC Math helps my students when they need more confidence.

  • Easy to find the concepts – whether or not a parent assigns them
  • Feedback on the problems is immediate- and gave a summary at the end
  • Plenty of problems for the concept they were working on
  • Independent in nature- they do not need to wait on me to get them extra problems for practice
  • Video instruction- which reinforces concepts we are working through or have done with Life of Fred.
  • Review is easy- any time my students need to revisit a concept, they can

Benefits of Using CTC Math as a Parent

Set your own passing grade with in the parent portal.

Sometimes math makes us lose our homeschooling confidence.

Have you been there?

Maybe math isn’t your jam or

you’ve forgotten much of what you used to know.

A CTC Math membership is a confidence builder

for homeschool parents to have in their educational toolbox.

  • Assign math through the parent account- to any of your students with or without due dates
  • Choose your passing grade- so you can customize the program according to your family’s grading standards
  • Make math time more independent
  • Full program for math instruction at all levels
  • Provides standardized test practice
  • Gives explanation for concepts which helps to gives students a different perspective-you can simply look at examples with solutions or you can watch the videos
  • Students work at their own pace going fast or slow depending on their needs
  • Parent gets a report of the work and progress of each student- I chose to receive them weekly.
  • Fully accessible on mobile devices like tablets
  • Offers one low annual price for the whole family- this is a personal favorite of mine because a reasonable fee allows all four of my students to enjoy the same benefits no matter what level they are from Kindergarten math to Calculus.

CTC Math Discount for Homeschoolers

CTC Math is affordable for families.

60% off the regular subscription price kind of affordable.

If you purchase a 12 month membership,

you’ll get six more months for free!

See all that goofy confidence?

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