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I bought these number chips at Staples and I was planning to write numbers on them up to 100…that was some time ago. I finally purposed to do it the other evening all the while pondering what I could have the kids do with number chips.

I left some unnumbered thinking we could use them for other things like counters.

So…what can you do with a bunch of chips with numbers on them? Let me count the ways…

  • dice roll/number chip match- roll the die or dice and find the number chip that matches (obviously using only numbers to 12)
  • randomly draw two chips and do addition and subtraction with them.
  • randomly draw and mulitply
  • algebraic number sentences using blank disks and operation signs
  • skip counting practice- the way mine are numbered they go in 10s by color
  • counting to 100
  • number sequence/identification- practice reading numbers
  • chip war- similar to card war (and you can draw two chips so that you have to add to see whose number is bigger)
  • sort by color/10s grouping
  • draw a chip and stack that many blocks/cubes/large buttons/stacking cubes
  • mental math- do a problem and pull the number that is the answer
  • combine with game ideas from Games for Math or Games for Learning
  • graphing with chips- represent bars with chips
  • find number missing in a patterned sequence
  • counters for math in Family Math series
  • bean bag toss to an answer to a math problem called out- instead of hopping to the answer they have to toss the bean bag to the answer (which is on the chip)

So…how’d I do? And this was under the influence of the King Sharpie I used to put the numbers on the chips. I put the list I made in with the chips and I think I’m being affected again just typing this post! Maybe this box needs to outgas before we try any of these…

Feel free to leave a comment with more ideas!

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  1. Those chips are wonderful! I want some of those! We often use a 100 chart, so I can think of many applications. We're studying factors and multiples now, and I can imagine that the chips would come in nicely for some games along those lines too.(Each person has a few factors. You have to draw numbers that have the factors you hold.)

  2. Don't forget it's easy to pick up a pair of ten-sided or percentile dice at a game or hobby shop (even our school supply shop carries them) so you could do your dice roll / number chip match all the way to 100!You could also play a game where you draw one chip from a bag. If you don't think it's high enough, you could discard it and draw again, but if the new number is lower, you don't get to keep it. Continue with your turn until you are satisfied with your chip or you lost the chip by drawing a lower number. The next person takes a turn. Keep playing for 5 or 10 rounds and then all players add up the numbers on the chips they kept, highest total is the winner. This would help form number sense – if you draw a number under 10, it's a very good idea to try again. A number over 90? Definitely don't risk it. But what do you do if you draw 51? (Then play the game backwards, aiming for the lowest total!)A very fun list of ideas!

  3. Very cool game for number sense PisecoMom!I'm using these today for our family math lesson so I will be sure to report in on what the kids think.

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