4 small kids laying on the floor in a row
circa early spring 2006
One of the things I continually tell people about the weather here in central NY is that you cannot take it for granted. If there is a sunny day or even moment, you’d better get out and enjoy it because you don’t know when the next one is coming! I find this frustrating at times because I don’t always want to drop my plans to get outdoors, but we do. Growing up in Maryland, we often had long strings of beautiful, sunny days with a daily storm that would cool things down and life returned to normal for the evening. When rain comes here, it entrenches itself. I often hear people complain about the weather here so I just feel compelled to tell you natives that the sun really does shine in other states!! That said, a good day in central NY is absolutely gorgeous. I just wish they weren’t as rare as they are.

What does our spring weather have to do with life today? It gives a glimpse of perspective or focusing on what matters each day. How many of us get caught up in our ‘to do’ lists or other distractions during the day while our children plead with us to play a game or read a book? Like a good weather day in central NY, we need to take advantage of the time we have with our children now! The clichés are so true that they are only little for a short time and they grow up so fast. It’s easy to read the “busy meter” at my house. If my children are persistent in getting me away from whatever I’m doing, then they need some “mommy” time. My toddler has a loud alarm on his meter. If he needs me and I’m not getting it, then he will push every button he can to get my attention! Does anyone else have a child like this? If I have to say no more than a couple of times to the same thing, then I know it is time to grab up that littlest man and kiss him up and read. He settles right down and I know my attention soothes his little heart.

So, my tip today is to savor the warm, sunny days and gain a little perspective. The dishes, the laundry, even the bathroom can wait. Sometimes our children cannot and they shouldn’t have to. Run around the yard, play catch, jumprope (we will be trying out a three person rope next week!), and see how good you are at a lemon twister (remember those?) and enjoy playing WITH your kids. You won’t regret it. Oh and if the weather is dull and gloomy, try out a Chinese jumprope (I was the reigning champ in fifth grade and I’d be happy to give refresher courses), a hula hoop, or just play some games or best yet read to your kids. That’s my secret weapon…when we all seem to be falling apart, I grab a stack of books and plop on the sofa and gather everyone around to cuddle up. It’s guaranteed to soothe the grumpy beans at your house!
Trying to keep things in perspective,


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  1. Hi, I’m a newbie to your blog (so I started at the start!). I love this post and agree 100%. Looking forward to reading more!!Michelle, mama to 2 Carter 4 and Skye 1 new hs using FIAR 🙂

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