Resources for Teaching Human Geography

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Resources for Teaching Human Geography

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When we think of geography, we think of places. Whether it’s countries, states and their capitals, bodies of water, or landmarks, we are thinking of where things are in our world. Political boundaries make sense to us. For me, the next most popular geography theme is physical geography. We know to teach about landforms and natural phenomena. However, we don’t always think about people and their influence on geography. People groups, culture, and history are all part of human geography. Resources to Teach Human Geography will provide you with some ideas on how to teach the people part of geography.

Why Teach Human Geography?

Humans impact the geography of the world every day.  It’s the study of people- where and how we choose to live and how we engage the world around us. Why study the human factor in geography?

  • Humans can change geography– whether it’s political boundaries or environmental impacts on the land
  • Studying cultures help us to understand people who are different from us- which helps us to think more globally.
  • Worldviews and philosophy– affect how humans interact with those around them whether it’s other people or the land around them.
  • Law & Government– We can learn about where countries are around the world and better understand how they are governed. What a great way to learn more about our own government when you compare our democratic republic with other forms of leadership.
  • Transportation– How we get around changes depending on technology, topology, and economy.
  • Economics– Countries around the world have different economies based on their form of government and currency.

Forms of Government with Civitas Card Game

Civitas-official-full-logo-2This card game stems from ideas in North Star Geography on teaching forms of government.

  • Plays like Uno- easy to learn and there are reference cards if you need help remembering what happens next.
  • Cards get played- they are laid down to change the game play according to how that form of government operates.
  • Get to experience forms of government by acting out their methods of engagement.
  • Provides lively family time with great discussions on government and current events.
  • Creative way to cement the concept without preparing the card sets yourself.

If you order Civitas now you can receive 25% off with the code heatherplayscivitas. The code is good for the upcoming school year as well through May, 2017.

Resources for Teaching Human Geography

Resources for Teaching Human Geography

How to Build a Country– a Kids Can book gives step by step guidelines on how to build your own country.

MicroNations Invent Your Own Country & Culture– 25 projects to help with creating your own country and culture.

Civitas– a card game all about forms of government. Don’t forget the code: heatherplayscivitas to receive 25% off the price. (this sale lasts through May of 2017!)

North Star Geography– a complete geography curriculum from Bright Ideas Press which includes many chapters on human geography.

Hands-On Geography– Activities to explore God’s world with lots of ideas on people and culture throughout history.

The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide– has a section on human geography and many references and ideas for studying geography in a lot of different ways.

Enjoy a look at the people groups of the earth and how we have formed our cultures. Where will you begin your journey?

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Geography bundle -- North Star Geography and WonderMaps


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  1. Is the page spread picture of Chapter 11 on Environmental Studies from the North Star book or another? I’ve got the Ultimate Geography… book and several college freshman human geography books, but I’m curious about that source that is pictured in your blog title picture. Thanks

    1. Yes, the chapter is from North Star Geography. There’s an entire section of the book devoted to human geography in North Start. Great resource!

  2. Human geography is fundamental, because building relationships with and care for people is so important. That being said, it is much more difficult to teach than physical or political geography.

    1. I agree- I’m a huge fan of physical geography. I think it’s the scientist in me!

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