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Blog, She Wrote: Resources for High School Art

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Do you know your state’s requirements for high school art? In NY, students need one credit of fine art in high school. Upon thinking about it, that is rather curious because I know in high school I didn’t have any art credits- practical or fine. With our non-art oriented high school junior, we’ve chosen to do one quarter credit each year to be filled by project requirements rather than a full art course.

However, our high school freshman is an artist. She has chosen to have one credit of art during each of her four years in high school. How do we meet her requirement? Today we’ll discuss, Resources for High School Art.

Blog, She Wrote: Resources for High School Art

Online Classes for Homeschool Art

Craftsy– is a great source for online classes. We use them all the time. At first we chose only the sewing classes, but now they have many art classes to choose from. These classes are available forever and you hardly ever have to pay full price for a course. These have been worth the investment for us. Rebecca has been working on these courses:

  • Painting Trees in Acrylic– a class dedicated entirely to painting trees. For our nature enthusiast this has been a favorite! The instructor spends a lot of time focusing on various elements of trees and how to paint them.
  • Mixed Media: Pen, Ink, & Watercolor– This was a new medium for us. Rebecca had not worked with pen & ink before. The ink is permanent and besides learning basic drawing techniques, the instructor shares strategies for the watercolor wash.
  • Mixed Media Workshop by Flourish– Alisha over at Flourish has been releasing seasonal mixed media classes since the fall. We love her classes! There are so many projects she teaches and you can repeat them with different themes.
  • High School Art Plans– This post talks more about Rebecca’s art goals. She had some things in mind and we found resources to match her goals.

Blog, She Wrote: Must Have Art Supplies for a Project Based Homeschool

Materials for High School Art

Over the years we’ve gathered a lot of art supplies & equipment. We often find a new medium in classes or Rebecca will learn about something she’d like to try.

As our students have grown and matured, so have our art supplies.

Here’s a list of some newer things to our collection with a link to some of our standbys!

  • Sta Wet Palette– A paint palette which will keep acrylics and other water based paints most for weeks. Rebecca has been learning color mixing and to be able to keep color wet on the palette means she can leave a project and come back to it. We picked up the refill packet as well.
  • Gesso– For prepping canvas and other surfaces for painting and mixed media applications.
  • Art Acrylics– Long a fan of the small craft acrylic paints, we’ve enjoyed getting to know art acrylics.
  • Canvas Panels– An alternative to the stretched canvas, though I haven’t figured out how to hang them yet!
  • Must Have Art Supplies for a Project Based Homeschool– This is our ultimate list of supplies to have one hand.

Join Us for a Valentine’s Day Mixed Media Workshop

Rebecca and I will be participating in this mini two week Valentine Mixed Media Workshop. There will be ten projects taught by video instruction starting on February 2, 2015.


Registration for the Valentine’s Day Mixed Media Mini Workshop is $24 and class begins on February 2nd. What a great way to celebrate Groundhog Day!

What resources do you use for high school art?

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