How to Use Online Math for Teens with Chronic Illness


Many of my readers know we are homeschooling high school with teens who have a chronic illness. We look for tools that make the most sense when working with students who need frequent breaks and reminders. How to Use Online Math for Teens with Chronic Illness is a look at how we use CTC Math.

How to Use Online Math for Teens with Chronic Illness- teen boy with headphones on watching a video and doing math problems

Disclosure: I was given a subscription to CTC Math and compensated for my time in writing his post. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

Maybe chronic illness is not the issue in your homeschool.

Perhaps it is something else that prevents your teen from thriving in high school math.

Or, maybe you are simply seeking new instructional opportunities for high school math that are affordable.

CTC Math is an accessible tool for homeschooling parents.

CTC Math Provides Online Instruction

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We’ve been using CTC Math for years. Here’s a quick run down of what you’ll find inside the program:

  • Concepts by grade, subject, and concept with individual topics listed out- these are easy to search and assign to your student
  • Instructional videos- to watch for every lesson
  • Examples with solutions- easily accessible by parents but not by the student
  • Practice sets with many problems- both during the lesson and afterward for practice
  • Uses for a stand alone curriculum or as reinforcement for another – I have one teen who uses CTC Math as his primary resource for math and one who uses it when he gets stuck in his primary math program.

It takes no time at all to get up and running.

So, if your math needs a rescue any time of year,

you won’t lose any time getting oriented.

Benefits for Homeschooling Parents

There are definitely some perks for parents using CTC Math.

Here’s my list!

  • Teacher account- with access to the student accounts
  • Assign student work- from the teacher account and it’s pretty intuitive to learn this part as well
  • Establish due dates- for each assignment
  • See progress and scores- on what you’ve assigned your teens
  • Monitor log ins- from each student so you know when they’ve worked on math and when the last time they worked on it was!
  • Get weekly reports- on your student’s work
  • Create your own activities and assessments- using the question bank. This feature is new and it’s pretty awesome because you can choose problems that your student still needs work on. Soon you’ll be able to make those things you create assignments for your students.
  • Download skill checklists for each math course- especially nice for those of us who need to do some regular reporting and a fabulous way to keep track if you keep a paper planner
  • Speed Drills- simple games to test speed on basic skills at various levels

Benefits of Using CTC Math for Teens with Chronic Illness

CTC Online Math helps my chronically ill students when they are able to work.

  • Self paced instruction- work when you can and it’s waiting when you get back to it
  • Due dates can be adjusted- from the parent section
  • Choose not to use the tracking- this way poor grades aren’t piling up when they fall behind
  • Repeating lessons is easy- your student can watch videos as many times as they need to
  • Easy to see where you’ve left off- should your student be unable to work on math for a time
  • Solutions are provided- feedback is quick and your student can do it
  • Video instruction is easy to follow- step by step tutorials for problem solving
  • Allows your student to be independent- this is especially true for older children and teens as they begin managing more of their own work which gets tricky when they are not feeling well.

The threshold is low for finding where you left off and getting extra support for math work as needed.

CTC Math is a great solution for teens who need a flexible system.

Build Confidence with CTC Math

teen boy at a computer working on math

CTC Math helps my students when they need more confidence.

  • Easy to find the concepts – whether or not a parent assigns them
  • Feedback on the problems is immediate– and gave a summary at the end
  • Plenty of problems– for the concept they were working on
  • Independent in nature– they do not need to wait on me to get them extra problems for practice
  • Video instruction– which reinforces concepts we are working through or have done
  • Review is easy– any time my students need to revisit a concept, they can

Homeschool Discount with CTC Math

One of the best parts about using CTC Math is the cost.

CTC Math is an economical way to introduce online math instruction and practice for the whole family.

An annual subscription to CTC Math includes unlimited access to all lessons, at all grade levels from Kindergarten to Calculus!

  • 50% off the price of a family membership to CTC Math
  • Half off renewals for returning families
  • Free trial so you can try it before purchasing a subscription

More Math Links

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Homeschooling High School math requires extra support especially when you have a teen who is managing a chronic illness.

CTC math is a great resource for teens and families!

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  1. Teaching math concepts that I haven’t used since I took it in high school.

    1. Yes! That is always a challenge. I might be better at Algebra now than I was back then.

  2. The hardest part about teaching math in high school is helping more than one student on different topics.

  3. Time is my most limited resource. I love math and would love to teach it all on my own, but to get everything else done, I need something they can do solo. We use Khan right now, but would love to try out CTC.

    1. CTC Math is a lot more straight forward than Khan which can be confusing. My kids have done both!

  4. What a generous give-away. It sounds like CTC would work for a large range of skills!

    1. Yes! It’s a great program even if you just want skills practice or another way to reinforce concepts.

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