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Blog, She Wrote: U.S. Geography with Which Way USADisclaimer- I received a sample of product and was compensated for my time in writing this review. As always, these are my own thoughts and I was not required to write a positive review. Thanks!

How many of us grew up on Hidden Pictures published by Highlights Magazine for children? Some of you may already know about their program Which Way USA. Here’s a look at this fun membership for kids and how you can teach U.S. Geography with Which Way USA.

Teaching U.S. Geography with Which Way USA

Blog, She Wrote: U.S. Geography with Which Way USA

Once you sign up to receive Which Way USA, each shipment comes with two puzzle books, two state maps, two license key tags, and there’s one game guide. So, how does it work?

  • State Puzzle Books– These books have puzzles all related to popular landmark & locations around the state.
  • Use Facts– From the books to solve the puzzles.
  • State Maps– Each state map is illustrated on one side and includes state stats along with historical highlights and famous people. The flip side has photographs of the famous places.
  • Game Guide– Has a page for each state where you can add stickers and facts about each one. You can even check off whether or not you’ve visited that state.
  • License Key Tags– Are collectible and unlock web content that goes with each state. What a fun way to include technology! And something old meets something new.

Benefits of Using Which Way USA

Blog, She Wrote: U.S. Geography with Which Way USA

Which Way USA has been around since my high schoolers were preschoolers and maybe longer! We used to keep a blank map of the United States on our wall and with each state we studied, we’d color it in on the map. Our primary aged students loved to see how many we’d already visited with our studies.

  • Builds map reading and other geography skills
  • Offers variety with the puzzle format
  • Practices problem solving & analytical skills
  • Includes a map that makes a wonderful home reference tool

Our Which Way USA New York State map has been a long time familiar sight on our wall! It’s an easy reference for young students to learn state geography.

How to Get Started with Which Way USA

Blog, She Wrote: U.S. Geography with Which Way USA

When you sign up, you’ll receive shipments with materials for two states each month– about every four weeks.

  • The introductory offer is $6.95 plus shipping/handling. After the first shipment, the price is $6.95 per state set plus $2.45 shipping & handling.
  • Add in a US Wall Map & Sticker Set for $2.99– We loved our wall map to follow our travels!
  • You can cancel Which Way USA any time if you find it isn’t for you.

Perhaps you are a reader whose family has not had the chance to get to know Which Way USA, I encourage you to give it a try and enjoy getting mail in the mailbox every month. When our kids were small, they loved getting a new set and testing out their state trivia along with marking a new place on the U.S. map. Join in the fun with U.S. Geography and Which Way USA by Highlights!


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