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I received both the electronic and book form of The Giant American History Timeline for review and I was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.

American History.

For most high schoolers,

it’s a requirement.

A credit of United States History

helps to create

informed citizens,

ready to be in community with other Americans

no matter what lies ahead.

One of my favorite blogging topics is


My bookshelves are proof.

You’ll want to make room on your shelf for this one.

The Giant American History Timeline.

Make a Flexible American History Timeline

There’s more than one way to construct a history timeline.

The Great American History Timeline is a flexible resource.

  • Put your timeline in a notebook
  • Spread your timeline on the floor and spread out
  • Place your pieces on a large wall
  • Decorate a large bulletin board
  • Feature a portion on small wall or bulletin board
  • Manipulate history with a floor layout
  • Display your work on a trifold board
  • Use butcher paper to layout a timeline- and roll it up when you are finished
  • Story the timeline in a folder- and take it out as a review to put in order
  • Dates & arrows- help with organizing your timeline

American History Timeline for Notebooking Content

The Great American History Timeline is available digitally or in print.

The Great American History Timeline is a thorough notebooking resource.

Some students do not respond to timelines.

I have a few of those.

Notebooking is more their style.

These timeline pages make a beautiful history notebook:

  • Mapping
  • Timeline pages
  • Biographies
  • Events
  • Social Issues
  • Review

Placed in a notebook,

these sheets make a complete


of American History

from colonization

to present day .

Supplement American History Activities

One of the best ways to learn history is through a variety of authentic media.

Here’s a list of our favorites:

  • Documentaries– featuring time periods, events, and people. We’ve been watching John Adams through Amazon Prime (warning: the first episode has a graphic scene involving tarring and feathering) and it’s really brought home the events leading up to the Revolutionary War.
  • Biographies– We have a stack of biographies of famous men and women in American (and World) History. There’s no better way to learn about a time period than through the lives of the people who lived it.
  • Literature– Fiction has a way of helping us to understand what it was like to live in history. Well chosen fiction works are a mainstay for us.
  • Primary Documents– We read The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution just as an example. I’m pretty sure I could teach government with no text other than the Constitution.

Timeline sheets and notebooking pages help to take information learned in special ways

and cement them for students.

Use them for review.

Or to document what they’ve



or heard.

Connect with Sunflower Education

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More U.S.  History Resources from Blog, She Wrote

Over the years, we’ve done a lot of American History in the early years, the middle years, and then for a credit in high school.

There are so many ways to enjoy this popular topic.

How to Study American Literature with U.S. History–  More ways to use your Giant American History Timeline with literature and U.S. History

History Quests– are meant to be an exploration of ideas, facts, and people from throughout history. You don’t have to treat it like a formal study unless you’d like to.

5 Creative Ways to Use American History Activity Books– more ways to use fun history resources

10 Best Podcasts for Inquisitive Teens– This is a great list and includes several history podcasts.

As a homeschool that leans more toward project based lessons,

I look for ways to touch base with what my students are doing.

The Giant American History Timeline helps students to distill their learning

in an approachable way.

Easy to access.

Easy to print.

Wonderfully flexible-

just like our homeschool.

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