The Art of Fall- Mixed Media Workshop & More Plans for High School Art

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The Art of Fall Mixed Media WorkshopThis post contains affiliate links. I was given participation in the workshop in exchange for some posts. Thanks for your support!

As some of you know, our ninth grader’s homeschool curriculum includes a one credit art course. In fact, if you could look at her four year high school plan, you would know it features both a one credit art course and a one credit sewing and design course annually. Today’s post is all about The Art of Fall- Mixed Media Workshop & More Plans for High School Art.

High School Four Year Art Plans

While I knew that Rebecca wanted art incorporated into her high school curriculum, I wasn’t sure what it would look like. Here are a few things we knew for sure:

  • One high school credit is roughly three hours of course work a week- however she chooses to work on her art, it has to total three hours over the week.
  • Rather than working sequentially through technique in a program, she wants to try modules of various learning experiences.
  • Traditional art concepts and themes embedded into whatever she is working on
  • Learn new skills– try different media, perfect techniques, and generally press the envelope to keep learning new concepts and skills.

The Art of Fall- Mixed Media WorkshopPlans for 9th Grade One Credit Art Course

With our criteria in mind, I met with her to discuss some of the ideas I had for what she could use and she came to me with a request. The entire year is not planned out- yet. The first semester is almost taken care of and as opportunities become available, we’ll be able to fill up the second half of the year. So far her art course uses the following:

  • Mixed Media Pen, Ink, & Watercolor – a course from Craftsy. This is one she requested. Rebecca faithfully follows their blog and we’ve taken other Craftsy classes for sewing. She loves the pen and ink.
  • Sketch Tuesday– Weekly art prompts from Barb Harmony Fine Arts
  • Pablo Picasso Art & Artist Study– Also from Harmony Fine Arts
  • Dots & Lines– 10 Week (one hour) homeschool co-op class
  • The Art of Fall Mixed Media Workshop– This is a new addition to our line up and one Rebecca is really excited about. She loves mixed media and can hardly wait to get started on this fall themed mixed media workshop.

The Art of Fall- Mixed Media WorkshopThe Art of Fall Mixed Media Workshop

This 4 week e-course video workshop is offered by Alicia Gratehouse at Flourish. Every Monday morning beginning on October 6, 2014 your 10+ year olds can immerse themselves in creative activity with a fall theme. There are over 20 Projects in all! We’re looking forward to:

  • Having access to the class for one year– so we can work at our own pace.
  • Signing on for the class and receiving a materials list right away so you have time to gather supplies before October 6th.
  • Enjoying over 20 projects which stretch her art abilities into new areas
  • Experiencing mixed media projects with sketching, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, chalkboard art, collage art, sculpting, hand lettering, art journaling, etc.
  • Learning poetry, the people behind the art, and fall recipes
  • Art based on the autumn season with march butterflies, changing leaves, etc.

Best of all, if you sign up for the The Art of Fall- Mixed Media Workshop for Kids through September 30, 2014 you can pay the early registration free of $36. The regular price after September 30, 2014 is $48.

What are your plans for art this year? Do you have the supplies? Visit Must Have Art Supplies for a Project Based Homeschool for ideas on what to purchase. We’ve added a few to our list based on The Art of Fall-  Mixed Media Workshop for Kids– gesso and painty pens.

All students need some art in their life. Will you join us?

The Art of Fall- Mixed Media Workshop


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