History Quest: The Anaconda Plan

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Blog, She Wrote: History Quest- The Anaconda Plan

Welcome to another edition of History Quest! This week Rebecca has focused on a plan which was the Union’s primary wartime strategy. Today’s History Quest is about The Anaconda Plan.

War Strategy- The Anaconda Plan

This week Rebecca has a series of questions for you. As you research, see if you can determine how the plan got its name.

  • What was the Anaconda Plan?
  • What kind of blockade did the plan call for?
  • What else did the Union need to seal off to execute the plan?
  • Did the plan rely on troops? If so, how many?
  • How would they get the troops to the south?
  • Was the plan successful?

The Purpose of the Anaconda Plan

It’s important to consider why the Union needed to act at the start of the war and how they planned to make things difficult for the south.

  • What is a blockade?
  • What is an anaconda?
  • Why is the plan named for an anaconda?
  • What was the purpose or the mission of the plan?
  • Who developed The Anaconda Plan?

Change in Union Strategy

The plan had supporters and critics. It was also modified along the way.

  • What part of the plan was originally deemed unnecessary but was put in place later?
  • Find out how long they estimated the plan to take.
  • Why do you think things turned out differently?

Thank you for joining us this week for History Quest. I’m looking forward to seeing what Rebecca comes up with next week. Happy Questing!

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  1. the andaconda plan was created so that the confederacy could try an wiggle their way past the union to defeat them in battle. to this leads the the confederacy in a spinning spiral towards the deep end.

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