Art with the Masters Online Class

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Art with the Masters Online Class

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How do you encourage art with your students? Rebecca, our incoming high school junior, is an artist through and through. We make time for creative pursuits. One of the ways we help her to increase her skills is to take part in online art courses. They are less expensive than in person courses and they are more convenient. When we put together her yearly high school art credit, we include online experiences to help meet her academic art goals. Mixing with the Masters is a course designed to allow students to do art with the masters in an online format. Won’t you join us?

Mixing with the Masters Online Class

Rebecca and I are excited to take part in this new online class from Flourish! We’ll be learning about art masters and their art and trying art projects for six weeks.


Here are a few facts about this first volume of Mixing with the Masters:

  • Six week class with lifetime access
  • 18 lessons- 3 per artist with 6 more art challenges
  • Video biographies on each of the artists included in this course
  • Study guides to print
  • Private Facebook group- to share our art!
  • Printable patterns and templates for the projects

Art with the Masters Online Class

Explore Art Media with the Masters

We’ll be learning about each artist and his contribution to the world of art while trying our own pieces using their technique with a mixed media approach. We love to experiment! Types of media include (but not limited to):

  • sketching & charcoal drawing
  • acrylic painting techniques- fresco, chiaroscuro, Impasto, Alla Prima, and Gradient
  • watercolor painting
  • pastel painting
  • wax resist- always a favorite for us!
  • collage art

One of the things our artist 11th grader loves about these courses is the chance to learn new media and how to use them. We’d never used gesso before our first Mixed Media class. I love to try new things with art and broaden our experiences at home.

Other Art Masters Resources

Art with the Masters Online Class

Art appreciation and learning from art masters is a lovely way to introduce children and teens to various forms of art and the people behind them. Here are some other resources we have used to teach art appreciation.

Summer Art Adventures

Summer is an excellent time to try new forms of art. Many families slow the pace of summer learning allowing for different sorts of learning experiences. Our family loves summer art- especially those kids who normally don’t enjoy it.

Art with the Masters Online Class

Summer Art Fun with Mixed Media– Reasons to enjoy art in the summer time!

Summer Vacation with Chalk Pastels– Do you travel with art supplies? We always have and now our 16yo never goes anywhere without them!

Geography Quest Shark Week Edition– Shark week just past us by, but there is still time to enjoy all things shark this summer. This post includes learning about sharks and shark art.




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