Boggle Mania!

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E9 found Boggle in his Easter basket. I just knew he was going to love it. At first he wasn’t sure he was good at it, but a few rounds later and he was tearing up the Boggle board. Any King of the Hill fans out there? Maybe he could compete with Peggy in Arlin, TX for Boggle champion!

R7 and I-5 have played and have actually done pretty well. R7 is super frustrated that she can’t come up with enough unique words to get a good score, but rest assured it will happen.

Yup…once again at our house it’s game ON! Tuesday night I hosted a local homeschool support meeting all about games and fun so stay tuned for that fun post coming soon. I was on a blogging break for too many days and have posted two already yesterday and have easily three more to catch up on. Look out blog fans!

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