Geography Quest: Safari

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Blog, She Wrote: Geography Quest- Safari

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Have you ever wanted to go on a safari? How about a trip to the zoo? Today’s Geography Quest invites your students to map the origins of their favorite animals.

Map the Habitats of Your Favorite Animals

  • Make a list of your favorite animals
  • Find the range of each animal in an atlas or encyclopedia
  • Cut out pictures of the animals or draw them and place them on a world map (or a map of a particular continent depending on the animals on the list)
  • Mark and include a key for the terrain in the areas where your animal is found (mountain, desert, marine, etc)

Map Animal Populations around the World

High School or younger curious students can look up one species of animal and map its distribution across its habitat.

  • Choose a species to investigate- perhaps an endangered species
  • Research where these animals are found and in what numbers.
  • Mark and key the animal populations on a map.
  • Investigate a struggling species along with its threat- if it’s another animal species, map that one also and see if there is a correlation.

Mapping animal populations is a fun activity which can reveal a lot about climate and biology in addition to the geography of an area.

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