Family Geography Using Geography Quests

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Blog, She Wrote: Family Geography Using Geography Quests

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Welcome to the Autumn 2013 iHomeschool Network Hopscotch. For the next ten days, I will be sharing ideas for doing family geography using the Geography Quests here at Blog, She Wrote. If you haven’t subscribed by email, please consider it now so you don’t miss any of this Geography Quest “Blitz”.

Geography Quests are for Homeschooling Multiple Ages

Each Quest is appropriate for students from primary on up to high school. Some topics are more basic for younger students and some are more difficult. If your high schooler is a geography buff, he might help the younger students in their Quest, but some of the topics offer opportunities for older students to learn about nautical maps or apple distribution, for example.

Blog, She Wrote: Family Geography Using Geography Quests

Resources for Geography Quests

We use a variety of atlases and books to help us with our Geography Quests. Besides wall maps, we have a good set of references along with some computer based resources.

World Atlas for Young Explorers by National Geographic – large sized, easy to read atlas of the world for students.

United States Atlas for Young Explorers by National Geographic- large maps with lots of information on resources and landmarks along with industry in each state.

Rand McNally Road Atlas– for the current year. We do lots of mapping with a road atlas.

Children’s Illustrated Atlas of the United States– Lots of explanations and information in this atlas so it’s more than maps.

Scholastic Atlas of the World– our oldest atlas. We’ve had this one since E15 was in first grade.

Rand McNally Answer Atlas– another fun source of information and easily used with geography curriculum.

WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press- map software that is customizable and always up-to-date. It’s easy to grab a quick map with WonderMaps- you don’t have to make copies or keep track of a CD or digital file since it’s web based.

Google Earth– this is a free computer model globe that can take you and your kids all around the world. You can see satellite images from space along with actual photos on location from people who have uploaded them from around the world.

Google Earth Lessons– a site devoted to classroom use of Google Earth. It’s well worth the time to look through and discover what this site has to offer. You’ll find a lot of lessons and ideas here.

Weekly Geography with Geography Quests

Each week here at Blog, She Wrote I post a Geography Quest. Subscribe and join along with us.

For today’s Geography Quest, try out Google Earth! Choose a favorite destination and see if you can find photos of that place offered by visitors. Leave a comment and tell us where you choose to visit and what you found there. Have fun!

The iHomeschool Network is hosting the Autumn, 2013 Hopscotch for the next ten days. Join other bloggers to see what their fun topics are for the next two weeks.

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WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press


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