June Nature Journal Calendar

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Welcome to the new nature journal calendar! Enjoy the month of June and print your June Nature Journal Calendar to help you record what’s going on in your own backyard and beyond.

How to Use the Nature Journal Calendar

There’s no right or wrong way to use the nature journal calendar. Here are a few tips:

  • Download your printable calendar.
  • Print the calendar.
  • Use the prompts both on the calendar and below to explore some elements of nature in May.
  • Draw or write your observations in the blank calendar squares. That’s why there are so many blank spaces- so you don’t feel pressured to do a million things and so that you have room to doodle it up right on the calendar.
  • Put them together in a notebook or handmade book and wait for next month and a new calendar.
  • Have fun!

June 2016 Nature Journal Calendar

June Nature Connections

Here in NY, we are finally seeing signs of late spring and our trees are fully leafed out. Here are some ideas for June:

  • Look for Compound Flowers– Lupines and other flowers like this are blooming now. See if you can find an example.
  • Plant a Container Garden– Lettuce and tomato grow well in pots. This is a great option even in an urban setting.
  • Catch a Moth– Can you tell the difference between moths and butterflies?
  • Search for Blooms– Look for new wildflowers blooming and see if you can identify them. For something new, try using a dichotomous key.
  • Summer Solstice– June is the month with the most daylight in the northern hemisphere. When is the first day of summer? That’s the longest day of the year. Between now and then the days will get longer. What happens after that?
  • Observe a Pond– There are so many wonderful living creatures in and around a pond! You can find them along the edge and swimming in the middle. You can look at pond water under a microscope and see what lives there. Look at the plants and insects you can find at a pond.
  • Learn about New Animals– Pick one each week and use books and other references to find out more about your animal.

No need to feel limited by our ideas! If you see something you want to note, then go ahead and put it on your calendar. What is your favorite outdoor activity in June?

June 2016 Nature Journal Calendar

Books for Nature Study in June

We love to share our most loved nature books with you. This month we’re sharing:

  • Flower Finder– A dichotomous key for wildflowers found east of the Rockies & North of the Smokies. Other keys are available for other areas as well.
  • One Small Square Pond– Activities and information on life in a pond. You’ll find vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, etc. The illustrations are lovely and it’s all easy to follow.
  • Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World– Fun book with drawings and information about the anatomy of various animals and plants.

June 2016 Nature Journal Calendar

June Literature Connections

It’s time for a list of fun books to read while you enjoy spring. The book list includes titles for preschool through high school. Read them outside for extra fun!

  • Miss Rumphius– The story of a woman who plants lupines to make the world more beautiful.
  • Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?– Fabulous story of a young bear’s day.
  • Starry Night– a Henry and Mudge summer story
  • The Journal of Beatrix Potter 1881-1897– Fifteen years of her journals which were written in code and transposed twenty years after her death. My daughter is enjoying this one immensely. She and Beatrix have a lot in common!
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream– June was also known as the midsummer month. Have a great time reading along and listening to this Shakespeare summer classic. Maybe you can even catch it at a Shakespeare in the Park performance this season.
  • Robinson Crusoe– A tale of survival on a deserted island. I think this is a great book to add to your list because it referenced in many other adventure stories.

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