Leaf Journaling


We tried out another of the Outdoor Hour Challenge Newsletters last month over at the Handbook of Nature Study blog.  We had a fun time with the nature journal idea on leaves. In fact, we used the same leaf- the tulip poplar. We have a huge tulip poplar tree in our front yard. The kids did a little research to find out more about the tree. Interestingly, we learned that it’s the tallest hardwood in the northeast. I think we need to check WikiPedia on that, but it did send us searching to see the difference between hardwoods and softwoods.

The kids had some fun doing the leaf rubbings. This tree holds on to its leaves well into November though lots of other trees have turned. Seems like autumn crashed in on us this year…it was still hot and then it just started raining a ton and we missed the transition!

J6 is getting good at recording his weather in a box.
R11 had a good time collecting more leaves and doing the rubbings- Japanese maple, Box Elder, and the Tulip Poplar. I’m pretty sure she pressed some leaves as well. Stay tuned for more on pressing!
Nice, big leaves…isn’t that Japanese maple gorgeous? This tree doesn’t react well to environmental stressors- it began to look unwell during our dry summer and now we’ve had gobs of rain.

The October Newsletter is up over at the Handbook of Nature Study Blog and we are featured! So, go check it out and see what fun there is to have with the newsletter as a companion to your Outdoor Hour. The sun is out for the next few days so we hope to hit an apple orchard and enjoy some time outside while we can. Early this week really reminded me that November is on its way!

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  1. We also have Tulip Poplars in our yard. 🙂 Each time I read your blog I see more ways we are alike as homeschoolers (today it was 2 book selections we have in common).Thanks for always letting me learn something when I visit!

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