Tracking in the Snow

I had been thinking it would be fun to take a walk in the snow at the Lab of Ornithology when I8 suggested the same thing! So, we trekked out one day to try it and boy was it busy. We passed quite a few hikers or actually, they passed us and there were some well worn cross country ski marks.

E12 made these tracking books for the younger boys for Christmas. He spent a lot of time on it and it turned out really well. Did you know beetles and grasshoppers leave tracks?

A bunny trail- on a frozen creek as we crossed a bridge starting out

still bunny

a winter afternoon

deer tracks

bunny track close up

I8…ready for tracking. The Childhood of Famous Americans book on Daniel Boone is his absolute favorite- he loves those adventuring sorts of stories.

a beech tree with an issue- fungus I think

These were under a bridge- I’m thinking raccoon although we aren’t sure. You can compare them with the book up there! Under the decking is water so this animal was probably taking a sip.

Next time we go, we won’t do any other errands with the walk. Sometimes that means there is collectively too much grump for a nice walk. I’ll have to resist the urge to combine the trip! It is snowing like crazy today, but we hope to go again sometime.

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  1. I need a tracking book too! When it snows here I see tracks and I never know what animal has created them. 'Sounds like a fun walk. Enjoy your snowstorm!love, Grandma

  2. I wish I had remembered to check for tracks in the snow. We get snow so rarely here in Arkansas, and we were too busy just playing to think of doing anything cool like this!

  3. Last week the girls came running inside to tell me they found deer tracks in some leftover snow AND some deer fur (that must have rubbed off on a nearby tree). I LOVE how excited they get over something they learned from a story book….

  4. Here in upstate NY, snow is a way of life for many months of the year. We have the potential for snow tracking into May- yes it snowed last Mother's Day! So, in our case we have to just get out there and have a good time. Tracking is something new and different.Heather

  5. Me too! The tracking book looks great! Any chance you could give us some tips or make it available to print? I know my kids would LOVE it.

  6. Tracking book fans, I'll see what I can do to give you the chance to make your own. E12 made it on his own- at least the formatting part. I had a hand in the lamination. Stay tuned!Heather

  7. I'm adding my plea for the tracking book as well–or at least for help in making our own! It looks great–and I LOVE the lamination so the pages won't get wet! :)On a different topic–thanks for being part of the HOTM online conference. I really enjoyed the conference–my very first and here I've been homeschooling 13 years! But it won't be my last, definately!

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