What We Can Learn from Dickens at Christmas Time

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This time of year can be difficult for homeschooling high school. The days are gone when you could take a month off of regular school and do all the fun holiday things. What We Can Learn from Dickens at Christmas Time offers another way to approach the holiday season while homeschooling high school.

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With Charles Dickens as our guide, we can have big conversations and learn more about writing and story all within a seasonal backdrop.

So, what can we learn from Dickens at Christmas Time?

Certainly this story provides our teens with a look at “the man who learned better” theme.

You’ll find lots of resources and learn a few little known facts about this Christmas classic along the way.

Our Favorite Book Editions of A Christmas Carol

Everyone has a favorite.

What’s yours?

I found that sweet little red covered edition at a library book sale recently.

These two are our preferred choices:

Movie Adaptations of A Christmas Carol

Have you watched any of the movie adaptations of A Christmas Carol?

It’s enjoyable to have a visual representation of the story.

In fact, if you have the chance to see a live performance I highly recommend it.

We once saw a big stage puppet theater version and it was lovely!

Here are a few ideas to enjoy:

Consider viewing more than one of these adaptations and compare them.

How are they the same and different from the original story?

How are they different from one another?

Which one is your favorite?

Learn from Dickens through Biography

Charles Dickens wrote during a specific time in British history about a particular time in British history.

He wrote about social injustice.

To know his writing, get to know the writer,

and the world he lived in.

Below are a few options:

Resources for Studying A Christmas Carol

If you want to do a deeper dive into the story,

check out these resources:

Other Christmas Tales by Charles Dickens

Did you know that A Christmas Carol was not the only story Dickens wrote about Christmas?

In fact, he wrote five stories with a Christmas theme.

Have you read any of the others?

Or you can get them all in one volume:

papers and greens with an Advent calendar

Homeschooling teens during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a chore.

Your kids aren’t young anymore, but you want to have fun.

Whimsy is everything-

even for teens.

Here are a few more posts that address homeschooling high school during the holiday season.

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