The Ultimate List of Stocking Stuffers for Teens

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If you are homeschooling high school, you probably have some teens in your house. Are you struggling for ideas for those stockings hung with care? This is The Ultimate List of Stocking Stuffers for Teens which has ideas of all kinds roughly $15 and below.

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The list is broken down into categories for you.

You’ll find ideas for teens from techy to artsy and everything in between!

Techy Stocking Stuffers for Teens

This might be an easy or a tough category for you depending in your teen’s tech needs at any given time, but hear me out:

  • Earbuds– I have one young adult who goes through a lot of these. I always put a few into his stocking.
  • Phone Wallet– sticks to the back of a phone to hold an ID and cards
  • Phone Wristlet– fabulous for teen girls
  • Glitter Phone Case– the kind that moves and you can watch it!
  • Phone Grip/Stand– not my jam, but people love these things!
  • Wood Cell Phone Stand– I have one at my bedside so my phone is alarm clock.
  • Gooseneck Phone Holder– in case you have some budding video stars!
  • USB Flash Drive– we are forever losing these and they are so useful for students!
  • Extra Long Charging Cords– because sometimes you want to browse your phone when it needs charging!
  • Video Games– small, inexpensive ones
  • In-game Video Game Purchases– you know the ones for your gamers
  • Phone Apps– that require a small fee
  • Stylus– for a touch screen laptop
  • Arduino– multiple models that fit a stocking price range and the Arduino accessories are affordable as well if your teen already has a base unit.
A Kindle with a library on its screen on a journal with a pen

Gift Card Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Who doesn’t love a gift card to their favorite store? Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Amazon– of course! These are my personal favorite!
  • Movie Passes– do your teens love movies? I have a couple who do and movie passes are a great way for them to enjoy a show.
  • JoAnn Fabrics- for your sewing teens
  • Michael’s– for artsy teens
  • Hobby Lobby– ours is no longer local, but they have a great selection of maker hobby tools and supplies
  • iTunes– for Apple lovers
  • Google Play– for Android users
  • Steam– I have a houseful of STEAM gamers. You can’t go wrong here!
  • Mood Fabrics– if your sewing teen wants a step up in fabric
  • Audible– gifting
  • Barnes & Noble– a local bookseller
  • Restaurant Cards– so your teen can spend time with friends out and about

Food Stocking Stuffers for Teens

The teen years are hungry years. Right now I have a teenage son eating everything in sight. So, here are some ideas for your ravenous teens!

  • Trail Mix– their favorite variety
  • Dried Fruit– my teens love dried fruit
  • Candy– a great opportunity to give them a bunch of their favorite
  • Cereal– the sets of tiny boxes, a tradition in our home that we keep to this day
  • Granola Bars– any variety
  • Chocolate Coins– anyone remember these?
  • Fruit– their favorite

Toy & Game Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Of course, teens still like to play. Let’s talk about toys for teens:

  • Rubik’s Cube– my teen is late to the game on really getting into this, but he’s had a good time coming up to speed (pun intended)
  • Speed Cube– for those who can solve the cube easily, step up their game
  • Dutch Blitz– fast moving and intense card stacking game
  • Love Letter– fast paced microgame to see who can eliminate who
  • Loot Letter– a Munchkin themed Love Letter style game
  • Fox in the Forest– a trick taking game that is short and sweet for two players
  • Sushi Go– fun for all ages. You can go Deluxe if you want more options.
  • Quiddler– a word card game
  • Coup– a great card game of elimination
  • Coup Reformation– the expansion for Coup
  • The Resistance– a group game to see who is part of the corrupt government or the rebellion. Our family LOVES this game!
  • Bananagrams– Our 19yo daughter holds the family record currently. A far cry from her early days of hating word games!
  • Saboteur– a fun gold finding game
  • Timeline– a chronology game on various themes
  • Playing Cards– believe it or not, my college kids love a good deck of cards. They are easy to play with a lot of people and the games are fairly short. I sent my far away college kid a pack his freshman year and they got used so much, he’s ready for more!

Clothing Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Believe it or not, I always squeeze in an item of clothing or accessories for my teens.

How about?

  • T shirts– I look in Old Navy or Target for low cost tees my boys will love
  • Gloves– the kind with the tech touch finger is a great choice
  • Headband– to keep their head warm
  • Pajamas– sometimes I see great deals on pjs for less than $10
  • Glittens– fingerless gloves with a mitten top. I heart mine!
  • Socks– of course! (these are great gifts as long as that’s not all they get- ha!)

Story Related Stocking Stuffers for Teens

This ultimate list would not be complete without bookish gifts! Let’s go!

  • Head Lamp– a sturdy sort of night time reading source. Bonus, you can use them for lots of other things too!
  • Kindle books– I will often tuck a home made gift card in a stocking for a favorite title on eBook
  • Book Darts– once you try them you will love them! My daughter uses them in her college texts for referencing over and over and finding the information quickly
  • Magnetic Arrow Bookmarks– for more reference and page holding in favorite books
  • Books– small trade paperbacks are often less than $10 and make a great stocking stuffer

Art Supply Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Of course this is an easy category if you have teens who love art. I know there will be art supplies in my daughter’s stocking.

Misc Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens

Lumping more ideas together without a clear category. Here we go!

  • Business Cards– do you have a teen with a business? Consider putting some new business cards in their stocking.
  • Jewelry– think costume and fun jewelry like bracelets, earrings, and necklaces
  • Christmas Ornaments– to represent their interests, school loyalties, etc
  • Make Up– lipsticks and eye shadows
  • Skin Care Products– lotions and other goodies
  • Hair Accessories– always a win though my teenage girl would prefer a pair of steam punk goggles!

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Teens are so much fun to shop for!

What special thing can you find to slip into a Christmas stocking for your teen?

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