Living Math


So, I’m reading all about the concept of Living Math and I’m trying to see how this can fit into our homeschool. E10 loves his math and thrives on Horizons…R8 not so much!! Buying a whole new curriculum does not seem to be the answer however. I am looking at Math on the Level but it is priced so that it is a whole new investment.

For now I’m investigating the website Living Math and I’m pouring over my borrowed copy of Family Math for ideas on using this approach to math. Pouring in the sense that I look at it and have to put it down over and over. But summer is just about upon us so then the real pouring will begin. By the time we start school again I’m certain I’ll have this all sorted out. Yes. Certainly.

E10 is working on an Interstate problem from the book Real-World Math for Hands On Fun

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  1. Hmmm Angela so that means my bookmark at One Child Policy Homeschool is out dated? I just started reading it!Heather

  2. Just saying that I know the author of Math on the Level. 🙂 She is very kind and sweet. I know that is no help whatsoever but just got excited because I know her. LOL!!

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