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Have you played with math lately? I like to play math with my kids at least once a week! Sometimes it’s a commercial game and other times it’s one that I’ve made up- I just knew I could find all kinds of math play using number chips.

I’ve posted on math games before…makes me think it would make a great math page to link to. But, I thought about now some of you might be looking to for a little math boost. Listed below are some of our favorites: (This is not an exhaustive list, if I find more I will add to the pile!)

  • Set– what a great way to practice visual discrimination. In searching for a link, I came across this daily online Set Puzzle. How cool is that?
  • Equate– pictured above it’s a math Scrabble game, but way harder than Smath. This is a great game when you combine getting the highest score
  • Sumuko– super game to practice multiples
  • Labyrinth– this one requires thinking ahead and planning and seeing moves a few out which I’m terrible at!
  • Yahtzee– this one requires math to score and see who wins! It’s also a fun way to practice patterns and identifying sets
  • Math Dice– mental math fun and there are two versions. Check out the Math Dice Junior as well.
  • Zingo– for the younger set
  • Corners– fun little card game from the RightStart card games

Last spring I taught a math co-op class and it was fun to play math games each week. One thing I found is that although the “math wise” kids knew a lot of math facts fast, they had trouble with strategy. We worked on that throughout the semester.

I know many of us are tempted to think of games as the icing on the cake with not a lot of substance compared to solving problems and finishing those math book pages, but I encourage you to think of math games as more nutritious and to make sure your children get more servings! Math games help kids to solve problems in a unique way and help to develop a more creative approach to problem solving.

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  1. What a great reminder!Set is very popular here. Another game we have is called Krypto:Family Arithmetic Game. I see they now have fraction cards available. Both sets are available on amazon.I see Krypto is made by MPHGames (right here in CT!). It looks like they may have an on-line version available. Haven't tried it yet.Sarah

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